An inspiring talk at Weybridge by Fr Peter Hughes.

Fr Peter Hughes

Fr Peter Hughes

I am sure that all those who attended the talk by Fr Peter Hughes on Saturday 15th July were inspired by his stories of saying mass on a rubbish tip, with his feet slipping due to the wet rubbish and his worry about getting bitten by a stray dog he painted a very vivid picture of the life of a priest in a very impoverished part of Lima, Peru.

Christ Prince of Peace Weybridge

Christ Prince of Peace Weybridge

Fr Peter has had a long association with CAFOD and he was the director of CEAPAZ one of CAFOD’s partner in Peru.  He is currently on the board of REPAM the church network for the Pan-amazon and he told us of the work that the church and CAFOD are doing to protect the rainforest and the lives of the indigenous people living there.  He encouraged us to get involved in campaigning by writing to our MPs about the destruction of the amazon and the effect of climate change as the forests are the lungs of the earth.

Fr Peter Hughes

Fr Peter Hughes

Maria Elena from CAFOD’s campaign team spoke to us about the Power To Be campaign and how we can get our parishes involved through card signing and a reflective liturgy. Information on which can be found by clicking the link above. Do let us know if you are interested in holding one and we can help with advertising and advice etc.


If you would like to hear Fr Peter’s talk you can sign up for an webinar on Wednesday 19th July at 1pm.

If you are not available at 1pm once you have signed up you can hear the recording at a more convenient time.

Christ Prince of Peace Weybridge

Christ Prince of Peace Weybridge

I would also like to thank Mary Lee our fantastic CAFOD parish volunteer at Christ Prince of Peace for organising a super lunch, and to all those who came to the talk and for their very generous donations.

“Listen to the Cry of the Earth and the Poor” a talk by Fr Peter

Fr Peter Hughes

Fr Peter Hughes

You are invited to Christ the Prince of Peace Church Weybridge on Saturday 15th July from 10:45 to 12:30pm to hear Fr Peter Hughes give a talk called  “Listening to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. The response of the Church in Latin America to Pope Francis’ call.”  A long term supporter and volunteer of CAFOD heard Fr Peter speak in another diocese and commented that in his many years of being involved, this was the best event CAFOD has ever done!

You are also very welcome to join the parish for their Saturday morning Mass at 10am before the talk starts.

Fr Peter Hughes is an Irish Columban priest from County Mayo who has spent most of his life as a missionary based in Lima, Peru. As well as his work in some of the most desperately impoverished communities in Lima, Peter is an advisor to the Instituto Bartolome de las Casas and CELAM, the collegial council of Latin American bishops designed to promote pastoral leadership, initiatives and inspiration for the 22 bishops conferences of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The talk will be followed by a simple lunch so for catering purposes please book a place here or contact or call 01483 898866 for more information.

Young Leaders – Great Examples

CAFOD has been running its Young Leadership programme for a few years now and this year two students from St George’s College in Weybridge are taking part. Ellie tells us about her experience of being on the programme with her friend, Sarah.

“Sarah and I signed up to the CAFOD young leaders programme this year and we learnt a lot from all the sessions but we particularly found the fundraising day very interesting and felt inspired to help raise awareness and money for CAFOD.

“At the beginning of the programme, around November time, we did an assembly to the lower school at St. George’s on CAFOD, who they are and what they do and their values.

“Then, after the fundraising training day in the programme, we set up a fundraiser at our school aiming to raise money for Lent Fast day. Firstly, we gave an assembly about what Lent Fast day was and why we thought it was important to raise money for it.

“Then, we sent around a big cardboard cut out in the shape of a fish to all the form classes in years 7 and 8.  The aim of this was to fill the fish up with coins using the blue tac provided and try to be the first class in your year to complete the fish. There was a great deal of competition for this, with the first class finishing their fish in two days! The winning class from each year was awarded a free sponge ticket per member of the class to cash in at our sponging event the next week.

The cardboard cut outs of fish filled with coins donated for Lent Fast Day

A Fish Full of Dollars (well, nearly)


“We then organised our sponge a teacher day.  This was during lunchtime and we had a great turn out with about half of the school turning up. The students paid for a ticket which they then cashed in for a sponge and got to throw the sponge at whichever teacher they preferred to (we had a rota of teachers). Along with this, we had a bake sale where we sold lots of different treats from cakes to cookies, which were all homemade.

“Everything was fish themed, including the cakes and the sponges to encourage the theme of this years Lent Fast day.

“Separate from the fundraiser, we helped our school chaplains raise money for the East Africa Appeal. St. George’s raised over £5000 in two days for this appeal which was amazing!

“Both Sarah and I are helping plan and execute an RE study day in June where Year 8 students focus on the work of CAFOD and world issues and what can be done to help issues.”

Our sincere thanks to Ellie and Sarah for their enthusiasm, their creativity and their great success at fundraising. If you are interested in becoming a CAFOD Young Leader in your school then do get in touch with us at the local CAFOD volunteer centre: