A Harvest of Briefings, Meetings and Get-Togethers in September

Harvest is a time where we celebrate God’s generosity in the goodness and abundance of creation. We also share from our abundance with those who are in need.

Harvest Fast Day is one of our most important events of the year. We ask people to miss a meal or eat lightly, to pray for those in poverty and to donate to our work. Parishes and schools hold collections and send the donations on to us.

We organised local meetings to ensure that all our parish volunteers are up to date, know all about the stories and situations behind Fast Day and have a chance to explore the topic with other local volunteers. It gives us a great chance to meet and hear news from churches and local communities.

Blessed Oscar Romero "It is not God's will for some to have everything and others to have nothing."

Blessed Oscar Romero. Illustrator: Julie Lonnemon

This year Harvest Fast Day will focus on our work in El Salvador, quite fitting considering that it’s 100 years since Blessed Oscar Romero’s birth. We worked with Blessed Romero, not least in rebuilding his radio station when it was destroyed by his enemies.

We had ten briefings all in all at which we saw 93 people, 52 of whom were parish volunteers. We received lots of useful feedback and had some good, healthy discussions. People seemed to really appreciate being able to talk about various things and hear updates on the emergency situations throughout the world.

Our thanks go to all those who hosted and came to our meetings. We will keep you in our prayers over Fast Day in the hope that all goes well in church.

Click to be taken to a map of our upcoming Harvest Briefings
Click to be taken to a map of our briefings Harvest Briefings

We will be planning more briefings for January and February before Lent Fast Day. If your parish would like to host one then please get in touch.