Meet CAFOD Volunteer, Alastair Anderson

Office volunteers help us with the smooth running of the Volunteer Centre and support us with a variety of administrative tasks. Alastair Anderson started with us in the Volunteer Centre in December 2015 and has helped us with a rich variety of tasks, including keeping track of events and volunteers throughout the diocese and other important admin.

Alastair also acts as a parish volunteer throughout the four-church Parish of Guildford,Alastair Anderson supporting the volunteer in his own church but also covering the other three churches while we search for a volunteer there. In addition to volunteering in the parish and the office, Alastair is also Area Coordinator, helping us stay in touch with people across the Guildford Deanery.

Alastair volunteers because ‘CAFOD is an organisation working to help others and it gives me the opportunity to help others, to give back to others and to help our brothers and sisters the world over.

‘I also hope that the experience of office administration work that I’ve had at CAFOD will help me career-wise. I enjoy meeting a wide range of new people when volunteering in the Parish, as well as the banter and camaraderie when at the Volunteer Centre.

‘Contact with members of my Parish has given me greater confidence and I find great satisfaction in learning new office skills.

‘If you’re thinking about volunteering, I would say definitely give it a whirl. CAFOD is a continuously evolving and dynamic charity. We are all making a difference in the world – long term to help those affected by poverty. Come and join us.’

Our sincere thanks go to Alastair for his willingness, his time, his efforts and of course, his winning personality and good company.

If you are interested in volunteering please do get in touch – we are looking for all volunteer roles, but in particularly someone to help us with media and social media. There are also quite a few parishes without volunteers so if you’d be able to help us there that would be brilliant!

Best Wishes for a Happy and Joyful Easter

 Overcoming the Cross of Hunger

Risen Lord,

shed your light on those who live in the shadow of death

and warm the hearts of those who have lost hope,

that they who daily bear the cross of hunger

may find your Promised Land,

and move from slavery to freedom.

As we proclaim your Easter song

help us to die to greed and rise to justice,

to abandon apathy and take up action,

that rich and poor together may travel the road to freedom,

and be restored to your resurrection life.


Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter – Martin and all at CAFOD

Chertsey join Godalming, Worthing and Thames Ditton in Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Campaign

Sainsbury’s is the largest retailer of Fairtrade products in the UK. They have decided to abandon the Fairtrade certification on some of their own-brand tea products in favour of their own scheme called ‘Fairly Traded’. African tea farmers oppose this move as they are concerned that they will no longer have any say in the running of the scheme, or get to decide where the money raised by the scheme should be invested. CAFOD is campaigning to try and get Sainsbury’s to reinstate the Fairtrade certification.

Libia Rolden and Rev. Michael Hynes man Lydia's Fairtrade Stall at St Anne's, Chertsey

Libia Rolden and Rev. Michael Hynes man Lydia’s Fairtrade Stall at St Anne’s, Chertsey

CAFOD supporter Libia Rolden has decided to get involved with the Fairtrade campaign. She has obtained 65 signatories on a petition asking Sainsbury’s to reconsider its decision. She has also set up a monthly Fairtrade stall at St Anne’s church in Chertsey and plans to take her stall to other parishes in the area. CAFOD supporters in Godalming, Worthing and Thames Ditton have also joined the campaign, by protesting outside their local Sainsbury’s.

If you want to get involved, click here to find out more about what action you can take.