CAFOD Stall at St Peter’s Catholic School Christmas Fayre


CAFOD Christmas Fayre Stall

On Sunday the 2 December, our school held an annual Christmas Fayre. Our team here at St Peter’s thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to raise money and awareness for CAFOD. We set up a stall in our gym and decorated it with a variety of resources provided by some of the people at CAFOD. We also had some resources sent to us like leaflets and cards; these were handed out to the attendees of the event and explained. We also ran a game to guess how many plastic balls were in a jar, for which we charged 50p a guess. Through this we raised £61.50. Below is a picture from the event.

Capture 1

‘Aspire not to have more but to BE more.’

(Sebastien Student of St Peter’s Catholic School)

CAFOD Arundel and Brighton would like to thank Sebastien and the other students on The Young Leaders’ Programme for their enterprise in organising and running the stall and, importantly, for raising this money for CAFOD. We feel sure this will inspire others to use their creativity and talents so as ‘not to have more but BE more’.

For further ideas on school fundraising go to: School-fundraising


Well Done Crawley Parishioners For Creatively Completing The Share The Journey Walk


Pope Francis has a special concern for refugees

Pope Francis has a special concern for refugees







Thank you so much to Crawley Parishioners for your splendid effort in completing an amazing 1,916 miles for the Share The Journey Campaign!

Roger Morton our Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator wrote this article explaining how Crawley Parishioners creatively undertook the Share The Journey Walk in the summer.

The keen campaigners in Crawley agreed to hold a parish Share the Journey walk centred on the Friary church in the middle of the town. That can’t be difficult, surely? Well, yes. Every time they fixed a date for the walk something happened, such as a funeral, which meant it had to be postponed. It was July and coming up to the holiday period when members of the group would be going off to different places, so they were running out of time.  But, instead of giving up and saying ‘forget it’, they got creative. They decided that they would each undertake a prayerful walk wherever they were and then combine the miles walked into a parish total.

Each person was given a refugee’s story to reflect on while walking as well as using the Share the Journey prayers. Walkers were from all six of the churches in the parish so all the communities were involved. As well as in local venues such as Crawley itself, Tilgate Park and the Seven Sisters, walks were done in Krakow, Lourdes, various locations in Scotland, Donegal, Zakynthos (which included Midge, a patterdale terrier) and Rome. The total distance walked was an amazing 1,916 miles.

Thinking about the experience of their walks and comparing that to the experience of the journeys made by refugees and migrants, the group made the following observations. The group’s walks were in pleasant surroundings, not in dust or mud, and they did not have to worry about being shot or bombed. They were never too far from some refreshments and could always stop for a drink, a pub lunch or an ice cream, plus they were able to carry sufficient water with them for their needs. They had freely chosen to do the walk, rather than being forced to do it just to stay safe. They would return to their normal lives after the walk – they had not had to say goodbye to their homes, families, jobs and education, with the constant worry about where the rest of their families were and were they safe.

One of the group members, Min, summed it up:  “Our eyes were opened through the varied stories of what migrants had been forced to leave and endure.”

Thank you Crawley for your determination to share the journey of refugees despite the initial frustration of being unable to do it together – a small reflection of the difficulties migrants face in their journeys.

Roger Morton

CAFOD Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator

Roger Morton Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator

Roger Morton Campaigns Volunteer Coordinator

Quizzical Evening at St Edmund’s Godalming

Ian - the quiz master

Ian – the quiz master

The fourth St Edmund’s Annual Quiz Night in aid of CAFOD was held last Saturday 20th October at St John’s Church Farncombe . It was a fantastic evening which raised £820 for the Harvest family fast day appeal.   Many thanks to Ian Honeysett our regular  quiz master for setting the questions and to Jan his wife for keeping the score The rounds included Around the UK, The Answer’s a Colour , What’s the Connection and The Bible!

What's the answer?

What’s the answer?

The event was sold out with nine teams competing to be this year’s champions. It was fairly close at the end but the winning team Seven Ancient Wonders managed to hold on to their lead and claim the prize of a range of fair trade goods.

Seven Ancient Wonders -winning team

Seven Ancient Wonders -winning team

Many thanks to St Edmund’s Justice & Peace group :- Mary Waight, Colette & Adrian Wyn-Griffiths, Jo and Julian Lewry for organising the quiz and for doing the catering. Also thanks to James Blackett and Gabriella Lagattolla for raising  £220 on the raffle and to Frances & Louise Blackett for all your help in the kitchen.

A great evening was had by all and we are looking forward to the fifth annual quiz night October 2019!

St Edmund's J&P group

St Edmund’s J&P group

St Edmund's J&P group

St Edmund’s J&P group