Year 6 Pupils from St Edmund’s present Power To Be to Jeremy Hunt MP

Jeremy Hunt with Year 6 pupils at St Edmund's Primary

Jeremy Hunt with Year 6 pupils at St Edmund’s Primary

Many thanks to Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit St Edmund’s RC Primary in Godalming in this Speak up week of Action. The children in Year 6 wrote their thoughts about the Power To Be campaign on rays and three children spoke superbly about the need for the poorest communities to have access to electricity.

Presenting Power to Be to Jeremy Hunt

Presenting Power to Be to Jeremy Hunt

One child wrote “As children we all have a dream. For us if we work hard we can accomplish it . But for children in poorer places it is just a hope because they lack the thing we take for granted – electricity”. Another child wrote “291 million children don’t have electricity at their school which CAFOD are trying to solve.”

Jeremy Hunt talks to Year 6

Jeremy Hunt talks to Year 6

Jeremy listened carefully to what the children had to say and he talked about his experience in Kenya when he visited a school that had solar panels which provided electricity so that the students could study in the evenings . He said ” The CAFOD Power To Be  Campaign was brilliant”, and he acknowledge the work that CAFOD does overseas.


Chris Richardson, our fantastic school volunteer then led an assembly for the whole school on the Power to Be Campaign and shared how having electricity can change children lives so that they can achieve their dreams.

Jeremy Hunt addresses the school

Jeremy Hunt addresses the school

I would especially like to thank Sue Hua the Year 6 teacher for her work with the children to enable them to participate in the Power to Be campaign and for organising the morning.  Also many thanks to Elizabeth Higgins the head teacher of St Edmund’s for her support of the campaign and encouraging the children to get involved.

Jo Lewry


Thank you to Jeremy Hunt and Year 6.

Thank you to Jeremy Hunt and Year 6.


Walton Confirmation Group raise over £2,000 for Ethiopia crisis appeal.

On Sunday the 2nd April and Sunday the 7th May, the confirmation candidates group 2016/17 from St Erconwald’s Parish, Walton-on-Thames took part in a charity car wash and bake sale.

The car wash and bake sale was to raise money for the Humanitarian crisis appeal in East Africa. The group washed parishioner’s cars and sold cakes after mass, assisted by their parents. Both Sundays were blessed with good weather and it was a great way to end their confirmation journey.

St Erconwalds (1)

Through their hard work, the group raised an amazing £2,148.90! Thank you to everyone’s generosity and efforts, this truly shows that we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate, please visit the CAFOD website, and make sure you are following us on our Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you to all our volunteers

It is difficult to assess the impact of our volunteers. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that without them we wouldn’t be able to half of the work we currently do across the world.

Kath and Brian Medlicott

Kath and Brian Medlicott, Parish Volunteers in Fetcham

Perhaps you are one of our (one hundred plus) Parish Volunteers throughout the diocese raising funds, raising awareness, highlighting our campaigns, speaking at Masses, arranging events which bring their parish together, baking cakes, growing plants or countless other things.

You could be one of our amazing Schools Volunteers who joyfully visit their local (and sometimes not so local) schools to deliver a message of how we can put our faith into action and love our global neighbour. Tens of thousands of school pupils are inspired every year to build a better world in response to our Christian faith and Gospel values.

Maybe you are one of our few Office Volunteers who help us here in the volunteer centre. Whether they are honing their skills or CVs or using their hard-earned skills from a lifetime of work they make such a difference to our work and also are great company for us too.

A picture of our (on-hold) Diocesan Management Team, Rod included

Some of CAFOD A&Bs Coordinating Volunteers

Perhaps you are a Coordinator – a volunteer who helps in support and communication with other volunteers. A tremendous support for us in the volunteer centre and for the volunteers they coordinate. Whether it’s campaigns, Parish Volunteers or the livesimply parish award, their coordination is much appreciated.

Are you one of our dozens of Campaigns Volunteers and MP Correspondents who help the catholic community speak truth to power. They are powerful themselves and so much more for encouraging others to raise their voice.

Perhaps you are one of a very small number of  Media Volunteers, people who help us prepare stories, and blogs to raise public awareness of the wonderful work that the Catholic Community is doing through us. The huge difference they make can’t be calculated.

Hazel and Stephen being highly visible. (It's difficult to find a photo of invisible volunteers)

Hazel and Stephen being highly visible. (It’s difficult to find a photo of invisible volunteers)

Maybe you are one of countless invisible volunteers – people who do things behind the scenes. These people often make impossible things possible.  We don’t often know who you are but we thank you nonetheless.

Are you a missing volunteer? The ones who are about to fill a gap we currently have. If you’re interested in joining our team and putting your faith into action then please do get in touch.

All that you do is much appreciated, the benefit you are to your communities is not to be forgotten and the difference you make in our world is un-measureable. You are core to our work, core to our relationship with the Catholic Community here and core to who we are.

Thank you for volunteering with us.

Join us at St Mary Moorfields, London, on Saturday, 10 June at 2pm to celebrate Volunteers’ Week. We will celebrate a mass of thanksgiving for the work of volunteers. Mass will be followed by tea and cake. Click for more information on our Mass for Volunteers.

Martin and Jo, CAFOD Arundel and Brighton.