Opportunities for Young Adults

Amplifying our work on social media

Amplifying our work on social media

We are always keen to provide opportunities for young adults to join us in our mission and support our work. Here are two exciting ways for 18-30/35s to get involved with our work (and get some excellent experience at the same time).

  • CAFOD Masterclasses

Young adults aged 18-30 are invited on a free day-long course to develop skills in one of three topics: print or digital communications, campaigning or fundraising.

Harnessing the expertise and specialisms within the organisation, our courses are led by CAFOD staff who are leaders in their field.

After a day of building skills, participants will be supported to put what they’ve learned into action in support of the world’s poorest people.

The Masterclasses are offered in London. All courses run on 27 March, so you must choose only one option. Registration is open now. Expenses can be covered on a case-by-case basis.

  •  Climate Champions

    Adan from CEAS

    Adan from CAFOD’s partners in Peru, CEAS

This new international volunteer opportunity will enable young adults between 18-35 to gain new experiences, meet other volunteers from across Europe and play their part in creating a better world.

Climate champions will take part in an international workshop in summer 2018 on sustainability with other Catholic young people from across Europe.

When they return, based on their own strengths and skills, we will support them in raising awareness about climate change, sustainable living and CAFOD campaigns in their parish or community.

Applications through the website close on 5 March.

A Happy New Year For All

We often make resolutions for the new-year, promises that will improve our lives and those of others. Why not make volunteering for CAFOD your resolution?

Many of the biggest changes in the world have come from groups of people saying ‘I will’ together. Help us share God’s love by ending poverty. Help us reach everyone in poverty.

We need people in our local Churches raising awareness of poverty and our work to alleviate it. We need people to visit schools, or contact their MPs on issues of importance. We need people to pray for our work. Could you make this your number one resolution?

Two of our wonderful volunteers, Jackie and Brian

Two of our wonderful volunteers, Jackie and Brian

Could you take up one of these resolutions to change the world? Click on the links to find out more.

  1. Volunteer for CAFOD – In parishes, schools or in many other ways – see above.
  2. Pray for the work of CAFOD and our world one day each week.
  3. Make a regular gift to support our work. You can even specifically support our work in emergencies or in your Parish’s Connect2 Community.
  4. Write (or change) your will this year. Could you consider leaving a gift to CAFOD? We have info on how to do this for free.
  5. Use our resources in church with Confirmation, Communion or Children’s Liturgy.
  6. Sign up to receive updates from our blog.
  7. Campaign with us – raise your voice about issues of injustice.
  8. Hold an event in your community to raise awareness or funds for CAFOD – Use your talents, passions and your imagination. Do what you enjoy, and do it for CAFOD. Our Family Fast Day is a perfect opportunity to do this.
  9. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter
  10. Become an MP Correspondent – help to ensure that the voices of many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power

Contact us on 01483 898 866 or arundelandbrighton@cafod.org.uk and let’s try and make this a happy new year for all. It will be a New Year’s Revelation.

Come Lord Jesus, come and let your light shine through us so that through our actions we may be salt for the earth, a light in people’s sight and that we might reach out to you in one another, especially those in need.

Three Little Pigs, Christmas Gifts and a School Full of Smiles

One Little Pig in The Philippines

One Little Pig in The Philippines

Four Years ago, this November, Typhoon Haiyan, the largest storm to make landfall, hit The Philippines. Schools, parishes and individuals generously donated to our emergency appeal which raised £5.4 Million in total. The response from schools was fantastic with a huge range of fundraising activities arranged from cake sales to 24-hour basketball marathons.

We have a team of Schools Visitors who can offer an interactive assembly for your primary school which is especially accessible for Key Stage One as it is includes the story of the 3 Little Pigs.

Advent is on the way

With Advent quickly approaching our volunteer visitors can also help ensure our global family are part of your reflections and celebrations.

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