Many thanks to pupils at Cranmore School who raised over £1800 for CAFOD

Cranmore School West Horsley

Cranmore School West Horsley

A HUGE thank you to the pupils at Cranmore School in West Horsley for their sponsored activity day which raised over £1800 for the East Africa Crisis Appeal. The activity day show cased the many talents in the school from comedy sketches, singing,  drama and instrumental performances. Many thanks to Mr Harris and Mr Jakubowski for organising the day and to the parents, friends and family members who sponsored the pupils.The cheque for £1800 was presented to Jo Lewry from CAFOD at a special assembly on Monday 15th May.

Jo Lewry said ” On behalf of CAFOD I would like to say a big thank you to Cranmore school for coming together and raising such a fantastic amount for the East Africa Crisis appeal. The money raised is not just a testament to the pupil’s creativity and talents but it will make a huge difference to people in need of food in East Africa.”



Could changing the world start with you visiting your local schools?

CAFOD is looking for volunteers in to present assemblies and workshops in Primary or Secondary schools.

Children of St John's Primary School in Horsham creating a large fish out of £1 and £2 coins.

St John’s Fish – Lots of £1 and £2 coins growing into a giant fish

We currently have a small team of school volunteers who deliver assemblies and workshops in their local schools . They help children and young people learn about Global Poverty and inspire them to take action.The hours are flexible and will involve visiting schools on weekdays so some degree of availability during the week is needed. The time you commit is flexible depending on your preference and the needs of the schools you visit. One visit a month might be a realistic expectation.


Anne Barry, School Volunteer visiting Sacred Heart Primary, Hastings

Full training and support is given by CAFOD, with training happening three times a year. Expenses are covered too.

“It’s a lovely team of people,’ said Martin from CAFOD Arundel and Brighton, ‘who are a delight to work with. They are people who use their talents (or learn some new ones) so freely and joyfully in support of CAFOD and local schools in the hope of building a better world. My wish is that we had a few more to join the team, especially in Surrey.

“We would do what we can to support them and our existing volunteers would accompany them in their first few visits until they were happy to go in alone.

“Some are retired teachers but not all. Whoever has the willingness to learn and desire to build a better world could make a good School Volunteer.”

Would you be interested? Email or phone 01483 898 866 if you would like to know more.

Young Leaders – Great Examples

CAFOD has been running its Young Leadership programme for a few years now and this year two students from St George’s College in Weybridge are taking part. Ellie tells us about her experience of being on the programme with her friend, Sarah.

“Sarah and I signed up to the CAFOD young leaders programme this year and we learnt a lot from all the sessions but we particularly found the fundraising day very interesting and felt inspired to help raise awareness and money for CAFOD.

“At the beginning of the programme, around November time, we did an assembly to the lower school at St. George’s on CAFOD, who they are and what they do and their values.

“Then, after the fundraising training day in the programme, we set up a fundraiser at our school aiming to raise money for Lent Fast day. Firstly, we gave an assembly about what Lent Fast day was and why we thought it was important to raise money for it.

“Then, we sent around a big cardboard cut out in the shape of a fish to all the form classes in years 7 and 8.  The aim of this was to fill the fish up with coins using the blue tac provided and try to be the first class in your year to complete the fish. There was a great deal of competition for this, with the first class finishing their fish in two days! The winning class from each year was awarded a free sponge ticket per member of the class to cash in at our sponging event the next week.

The cardboard cut outs of fish filled with coins donated for Lent Fast Day

A Fish Full of Dollars (well, nearly)


“We then organised our sponge a teacher day.  This was during lunchtime and we had a great turn out with about half of the school turning up. The students paid for a ticket which they then cashed in for a sponge and got to throw the sponge at whichever teacher they preferred to (we had a rota of teachers). Along with this, we had a bake sale where we sold lots of different treats from cakes to cookies, which were all homemade.

“Everything was fish themed, including the cakes and the sponges to encourage the theme of this years Lent Fast day.

“Separate from the fundraiser, we helped our school chaplains raise money for the East Africa Appeal. St. George’s raised over £5000 in two days for this appeal which was amazing!

“Both Sarah and I are helping plan and execute an RE study day in June where Year 8 students focus on the work of CAFOD and world issues and what can be done to help issues.”

Our sincere thanks to Ellie and Sarah for their enthusiasm, their creativity and their great success at fundraising. If you are interested in becoming a CAFOD Young Leader in your school then do get in touch with us at the local CAFOD volunteer centre: