Hymns about Justice, Peace and charity

Two choir boys Martin and Stephen

Music can add much to a liturgy or prayer time

Many people organise services and prayer times around global issues and struggle to think of suitable hymns, or at least a range of them. While we have a range of prayer times and liturgies for parishes and schools ready to use as an off the shelf resource, people often like to substitute hymns or create their own prayer times.

Here are some suggestions.

  • All Creatures of Our God and King – St Francis of Assisi (c. 1225)/William Draper (c. 1910)
  • Brother, Sister Let me Serve you – Richard AM Gillard, ©1977 Scripture in Song, Integrity Inc.
  • Christ Be Our Light – Bernadette Farrell, ©2003, 2000 Bernadette Farrell
  • Christ has no Body on Earth but Yours – John Michael Talbot, © 1987 Birdwing Music
  • From Heaven you Came (The Servant King) – Graham Kendrick, ©2010 Thankyou Music
  • God of Justice – Tim Hughes, ©2004 Thankyou Music
  • God’s Spirit is in My Heart – Alan Dale & Hubert J Richards ©1969 Vanguard Music Corp
  • How Long – Al Gordon, ©2010 Thankyou Music
  • Laudato Si’ O Mi Signore – Damian Lundy ©1981 Kevin Mayhew Ltd
  • Let there be Love – David Bilborough – ©1979 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music
  • Make me a Channel of Your Peace – St Francis of Assisi/Sebastian Temple ©1967 OCP Publications
  • One Bread, One Body – John B Foley ©1978 John B Foley
  • Peace is Flowing like a River – Anonymous, Arr. © 1993, GIA Publications, Inc
  • Peace Perfect Peace – Kevin Mayhew, ©1976 Kevin Mayhew Ltd
  • Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God – Karen Lafferty 1971, © 1972 CCCM Music/Maranatha! Music
  • Sent by the Lord am I – José Aguiar, Tr. ©1991, Jorge Maldonado
  • The Kingdom of God is Justice and Peace – Communaute de Taizé, ©2000 Les Presses de Taizé
  • The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor – John B Foley ©1978, 1991 John B Foley
  • The Summons (Will You Come and Follow Me?) – John L. Bell, ©1987
  • This is What Yahweh asks of You – Mary McGann ©1974 Ephpeta House

We are sure there are many more out there, please do suggest additions in the comments box below and we will gladly add them to our list. Do have a look at our prayer resources, they are easy to use and can help bring a community together in love for our world and all who dwell in it.

What Makes the Difference?

Martin Brown Community Participation Coordinator for CAFOD

Martin Brown Community Participation Coordinator for CAFOD

I was recently interviewed by someone doing a research project on the approach and attitude of churches towards climate change. It was a very interesting set of questions and the most was left for the end: ‘What really makes the difference between a church being active or not?’

During the interview we talked about different priorities that different Christians or Catholics have and how high ‘care of creation’ ranks in those priorities.

We talked about Pope Francis’ letter, Laudato Si (on the care of our common home), his call to action and how he joins together the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. We talked about how one of the chapters is called ‘The Gospel of Creation’ – how God is revealed to us in creation and how creation itself is a good thing. We talked about how this Gospel is under threat and how strongly we would act if humanity were gradually cutting bits out of the Gospel according to John or Matthew.

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Livesimply – not Sackcloth in Ash

We were delighted to hear an update from Ash on their work towards becoming a livesimply parish. Mike Harte, CAFOD Volunteer, said:

‘Our CAFOD team held a combined Live Simply Pledge and Power to Be talk at each weekend Mass recently. Three of our team (there are six of us in total) gave the talk

‘As a result, we received 24 signed Live Simply pledges and 39 completed Power To Be cards, which we presented during the Mass Offertory collections on the subsequent weekend’s Masses. These will be forwarded to CAFOD as part of our Live Simply plan.’

Two of the Ash team encouraging their fellow parishioners to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor

Two of the Ash team encouraging their fellow parishioners to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor

The livesimply plan can be seen below:

Live Simply Plan

Live Simply

  1.  Parish families’ nature walk (8th Oct)…..newsletter/notices 24 Sept, 1 Oct
  2. Live Simply banner (recycled materials)….by 1st Oct (Offertory), notices/newsletter 24th ff.
  3. Weekly Live Simply Tip in parish newsletter

Live Sustainably with Creation

  1. Supply flower bulbs to create an outdoor reflection area…..by 1st Oct (Offertory);
  2. CAFOD Power to Be card signing at Masses 16/17 Sept.
  3. Appoint ‘monitor persons’ for energy saving

Live in Solidarity with People who are Poor

  1. Weekly food bank collection.
  2. Fairtrade stall.
  3. Fairtrade ‘kitchen’


The Livesimply Pledge, designed by the group for the subsequent week was:

I pledge myself to live simply by participating in the parish launch week activities:

Sat/Sunday – short talk and sign Power to Be card

Monday – ensure to turn off lights and TV etc ‘standby’

Tuesday – turn off all laptops, I-phones, etc one hour earlier than normal

Wednesday – cook left-over foods

Thursday – sort out recyclable materials for parish banner

Friday – spend 15-30 minutes in quietness, maybe outside

Sat/Sunday – replace a weekly shopping item with one from our Fairtrade stall

signed:  ………………………

The days could be rearranged to suit the signatories.

CAFOD and Oxfam campaigners campaigning about Sainsbury's 'Fairly Traded' Tea

CAFOD and Oxfam campaigners campaigning about Sainsbury’s ‘Fairly Traded’ Tea

In addition to this the group wrote to four local Sainsbury’s store managers regarding Sainsbury’s new policy of restricting the local farmers control over the financial premium they receive on the sale of all ‘Fairly Traded’ goods.

Mike said ‘While Sainsbury claim to be very supportive of small, poor farming communities, three respondents have promised to pass on our concern about the wording “Fairly Traded” on their products, to the team that deals with this policy.’

Our thanks go to Mike, the CAFOD group and the parish for making great progress on the livesimply award and for raising a voice about Fairtrade.