CAFOD Stall at St Peter’s Catholic School Christmas Fayre


CAFOD Christmas Fayre Stall

On Sunday the 2 December, our school held an annual Christmas Fayre. Our team here at St Peter’s thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to raise money and awareness for CAFOD. We set up a stall in our gym and decorated it with a variety of resources provided by some of the people at CAFOD. We also had some resources sent to us like leaflets and cards; these were handed out to the attendees of the event and explained. We also ran a game to guess how many plastic balls were in a jar, for which we charged 50p a guess. Through this we raised £61.50. Below is a picture from the event.

Capture 1

‘Aspire not to have more but to BE more.’

(Sebastien Student of St Peter’s Catholic School)

CAFOD Arundel and Brighton would like to thank Sebastien and the other students on The Young Leaders’ Programme for their enterprise in organising and running the stall and, importantly, for raising this money for CAFOD. We feel sure this will inspire others to use their creativity and talents so as ‘not to have more but BE more’.

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