A Three Course Meal for a Fiver in St Leonard’s

Kevin and Linda Dignum, parish volunteers from the Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury in the Parish of the Good Shepherd, St. Leonards-on-Sea tell us about their recent Harvest Supper.

A Harvest of Plenty (of cheese, bread, salad etc).

A Harvest of Plenty (of cheese, bread, salad etc) – Just one of the courses on offer!

The sum of £454.70 was raised for Connect2:Peru at our annual Harvest Supper on Sunday October 1st. This year the menu consisted of home-made soup, a Ploughman’s supper and apple crumble – a 3 course meal for £5!

The CAFOD Harvest Fast Day Prayer cards were on the tables and used for our Grace.  Harvest Gifts which had been donated at the morning’s Harvest Festival Mass were sold and the usual raffle was held.

We are extremely grateful to Sheila and Theresa for all their hard work in organising the event this year and for doing the catering –   a very successful evening enjoyed by about 60 parishioners.

Our thanks go to Kevin and Linda, Sheila and Theresa and the Parish of the Good Shepherd for their kind support and generosity.

A Harvest Offering. Food donated was sold to help fund work in Peru.

A Harvest Offering. Food donated was sold to help fund work in Peru.


How Religion Affects Society by Olivia, CAFOD volunteer.

I am a Theology and Religion student from the University of Birmingham currently doing a 2-week volunteering placement with CAFOD.

I chose to do my placement with CAFOD due to the global work the charity does and my interest in how religion affects society.

During my time at CAFOD I have had many experiences. I have been involved in workshops, meetings, writing blog posts and articles, looking at the impact of social media and much more.

New York pic 2.jpg

Me in New York

Looking at the social media for different regions and the most popular tweets/facebook posts/ blog posts was really interesting. Social media has a huge impact in society today as we can see from many events. Therefore, by using social media to promote the charity and the campaigns and events within CAFOD is highly important. It is a great way to communicate with a wider audience and from looking at what posts were the most popular we can underline just how much religion affects society.

Taking part in the Catholic Social Teaching Workshop also demonstrated how religion affects society. Especially with the encyclicals. These are written by the Pope and tell what we should do in reaction to issues in society. For example, global warming which has serious effects on humans and the world, and so by listening to the Pope and changing our treatment of the world, we are able to see the effects of religion. A significant moment was the Second Vatican Council; this changed the attitude of the Catholic Church to being more inclusive and accepting of other religions; another example of religion affecting society.

As well as this, attending meetings for volunteers about what they can do to fundraise and help those who are less fortunate than them. I found the projects that CAFOD do such as Connect2, Powertobe and Livesimply to be highly impactful on society. These projects enable communities in the poorest countries to live their dreams.

The list is endless on how religion affects society and my time at CAFOD has deepened my knowledge and understanding of how religion does this.

Understanding CAFOD’s work on 1st July

Please come and join us at the Understanding CAFOD’s work event at English Martyrs’ church hall 4 Vicarage Lane Horley RH6 8AR on Saturday 1st July from 2:30 to 4:30pm



Looking at the world with facts and numbers

During this time we will share about CAFOD’s vision of a world transformed, our mission to promote human development and social justice in witness to Christian and Gospel values and we will share about our work throughout the world. We will also share an update of latest news and suggest ways people and parishes might support us in our work.



Interesting discussions with inspiring people

The events are designed to be inspiring and entertaining and to give a chance for people to ask questions and hear how we put their donations to good use. All are welcome. Why not bring a friend or two or some fellow parishioners who might be interested in getting involved?

It would be helpful to know, for catering purposes, if you are intending to join us. Please do let us know by phone on 01483 898 866 or email arundelandbrighton@cafod.org.uk