General election 2019: how the people of Arundel and Brighton can help the world’s poorest people this election

Ahead of the general election on Thursday 12 December, it is important voters raise issues important to them with local candidates. Here are some issues you can raise with your candidates to help speak up for the world’s poorest communities.

The aid budget is vital for tackling poverty. We need to ensure that it is focused on the needs of the world’s poorest people.
What can I say? “What will you, and your party, do to continue to tackle poverty overseas and to protect the quality of UK aid?”

Climate change
Thousands of CAFOD supporters from from the SE campaigned to persuade the government to set a new climate change target. Now, politicians need to act.
What can I say? “The government has set a net zero emissions target of 2050. Do you support this target and how will you, and your party, make tackling climate change a priority to prevent more people being pushed into poverty by the climate crisis?”

How to vote

You can register to vote online. The website offers instructions on how to register, including how to receive a postal vote.

When you’ve registered to vote, you will receive a polling card with information on which polling station you can vote at. You can also enter your postcode and find your polling station.

More thoughts to follow on the General Election in future blogs.

Woking community urges MP to act with climate petition

Over 700 Woking residents have signed a petition urging the government to act to tackle climate change and handed it to local Woking MP Jonathan Lord to share with parliament. 

At an event held on 13 October, members of St Dunstan’s parish were joined by local MP Jonathan Lord where they shared their views about the government’s action to combat climate change.

The group were calling for net-zero emissions by 2045, which will help limit the UK’s contribution to climate change and limit the worst effects of climate change on our health, homes and communities, and on people living in poverty around the world.

The petition was accepted by Mr Lord, who then spoke about some of the achievements of the past few years and the need for further action and progress over the next few years.

He said: “While there is much to be done, the UK is doing really well in working towards reducing our carbon emissions, and investing in and moving towards renewable energy in particular.

“However, we realise there are many challenges ahead and I am very happy to present this petition to the Prime Minister, together with and on behalf of St Dunstan’s Parish and CAFOD to raise your concerns and your desire for further and faster action by 2045.”

Organised by volunteers from the charity CAFOD, who had helped gather the 707 signatures, the parish hopes their action will inspire others to raise their voices and share their concerns with local parliamentary representatives.

Audra Schlachter, a parishioner and CAFOD volunteer who helped to organise the petition and presentation, said:

“We ask that this petition is taken to the Prime Minister to reflect our concern for our common home, and to show that we as the Catholic community of St Dunstan’s realise the great responsibility we all have to make a positive change for our future as a global community.”

This presentation was part of a wider campaign ‘Our Common Home’, run by the aid agency CAFOD, and the group’s signatures will be added to the thousands already received. It is hoped these events will highlight the growing concern for the environment and start new conversations about climate change. 

CAFOD Arundel and Brighton would like to thank Audra and St Dunstan’s Woking for this tremendous achievement.

Written by Audra Schlachter, CAFOD Parish Volunteer for St Dunstan’s and Elouise Hobbs, Regional News Officer for CAFOD.