Celebrating our fantastic Young Leaders!

Congratulations to our Young Leaders from Cardinal Newman Catholic School Hove, Salesian School Chertsey, and St Peter’s Guildford for completing this year’s CAFOD Young Leadership programme.

Over the year they have led assemblies about CAFOD at local Catholic primary schools organised CAFOD information stalls at fairs, raised money through sponsored silences, no phone days, cakes sales, soup lunches and non-uniform days. Thank you to the Young Leaders for all you have done for CAFOD  and many thanks to all the Staff who have supported them throughout the year.

On Tuesday 25th June there was a celebration day for all the Young Leaders from schools in the South of England and Christine Allen director of CAFOD presented them with their certificates.

Thank you so much to our Young Leaders for everything you have done to support CAFOD’s work this year and I hope that this will be the beginning of your journey with CAFOD. We have other opportunities to volunteer for CAFOD for example in your parish and don’t forget our Step into the Gap volunteer programme for over 18s.

Young Leadership Training Day 3

On Thursday 2 May the Arundel and Brighton Young Leadership Schools from St Peter’s Catholic School Guildford, The Salesians School Chertsey, and Cardinal Newman Catholic School joined together with Catholic schools from the Portsmouth Diocese for the third Young Leaders Day. It was kindly hosted by Farnborough Hill School who provided everyone with great hospitality and a delicious lunch. Sarah Burrows led the inspirational day on ‘Campaigning, ‘Laudato Si Climate Change.’

The Young Leadership programme provides a year of training to develop leadership skills such as team building, project management, problem solving and communication. At CAFOD we recognise that young people can make a huge difference, which is why we want to equip young people to be leaders in their local and global communities. The programme offers sixth formers an opportunity to take the lead and make a difference, as well as a chance to meet new people, gain confidence, skills and experience.

The day started with a prayer reflection and a Laudato Si animation  which reminded us  that Pope Francis has given all of humanity with a huge challenge to think about how we are living and how our living affects others, and the earth our common home. The Young Leaders reflected upon the question ‘what kind of world do you want to leave those who come after us?

This was followed by some icebreaker activities which included a string game where groups were given tasks such as constructing ‘5’ using the string with eyes firmly shut. Another one was when Young Leaders were given statements such as ‘climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today,’ (Sir David Attenborough) and they had to decide and justify if they strongly agreed, agreed, disagreed or strongly disagreed.  This led into discussion about why we campaign, types of campaigns and the difference between charity and justice.

The schools then fed back on the fundraising activities they had led in their own schools since the last session. Many had led school wide and year group assemblies on CAFOD awareness, Lent Fast Day, and had raised money through cake sales and introducing Fair Trade tasters, followed by Fair Trade school sales. A session on statistics and stories followed with Young Leaders becoming aware that both were important for sharing issues about climate change.

A project management activity followed where the Young Leaders were asked to plan a project management activity in school with different time frames and a debriefing followed. The CAFOD Net Zero Campaign was introduced and Young Leaders then created a ‘0’ photo. They were encouraged to invite their MPs to visit their schools and to tell them they wanted the Government to commit to net zero by 2045.They were also invited to consider joining the CAFOD lobby of MPs on the 26 June. The day was rounded up with the key messages: that campaigning works and along with advocacy it is the most effective way to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice and, secondly; tackling climate change is essential and the that the Young Leaders can become part of the solution.

The day ended with a  moving reflection of ‘Dear Matafele Peinem’ a poem written for a baby by a young poet and read out at the UN Climate Summit in 2014.

CAFOD Arundel and Brighton would like to thank Sarah Burrows, CAFOD,Young Leadership Coordinator, for leading an inspiring day and Farnborough Hill School for hosting the event.

For further information on the Young Leaders Programme – look here.

CAFOD’s Young Leadership Training Day

st peters

Young Leaders 2018-2019

At CAFOD we recognise that young people can make a huge difference, which is why we want to equip senior students to be Young Leaders  in their local and global communities. CAFOD’s Young Leadership Programme is designed for Sixth Formers and provides them with training to develop leadership skills.

st peters

On Wednesday 16 January, St Peter’s Catholic School in Guildford kindly hosted CAFOD’s second training day for  Young Leaders in their amazing purpose-built St Cecilia’s Hall. The day was ably led by CAFOD’s Sarah Burrows, Young Leadership Coordinator for Youth. There were over sixty Sixth Former attendees from schools across Arundel and Brighton and Portsmouth including: St Peter’s Guildford, Salesian College Chertsey, Cardinal Newman School Hove, Christ the King Isle of Wight, Salesian College Farnborough, St Anne’s Southampton, St Joseph College Reading, Oaklands College Waterlooville, and Farnborough Hill School.

capture 2

The day involved prayer, reflection, icebreakers and feedback on how the students had undertaken leadership projects last term. I was amazed at how brilliantly these young people engaged with one another and enthusiastically shared what they had done previously; such as making videos to show awareness of CAFOD, leading CAFOD assemblies to primary school pupils, organising CAFOD stalls, mufty days, cake sales etc.

capture 3

During the day they also explored Lent family fast day.   Training was given on CAFOD values, motivating listeners to become engaged in CAFOD projects, hearing about how young leaders work in Colombia and learning how to speak up for justice and peace. In the afternoon they were asked to plan a school fund raising event and present their ideas to a critical ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel who made them justify their decisions! One group even came up with the idea of the Sixth Formers raising money through giving up their time to help out in younger classes.

capture cn

My thanks to Sarah Burrows for leading the day, Kevin Mendes and St Peter’s Students and staff for hosting the event, Jo Lewry for her assistance, staff and chaplains from the schools who supported the day; but most of all, to the Young Leaders 2018-2019. You are an inspiration!

There certainly is HOPE for the future when you see the commitment, compassion, energy, drive and creativity of these young people empowered to make a difference. We look forward to seeing you all again for the final day in May.