Family Fast Day: Your love in her hands

Family Fast Day is a great way to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters living in poverty around the world by having a simple meal and donate what you save.

This year CAFOD’s Lent Appeal is supporting local health experts, like Sister Consilia from Zimbabwe to reach vulnerable people and transform their lives.

Sister Consilia is just one of many local experts who work tirelessly throughout the year to save people’s lives. She is a brilliant life-saving pharmacist and works at the Mission Hospital in Gokwe, Zimbabwe helping some of the poorest people in the area. Six days a week, most weeks of the year, she treats sick people, pregnant mothers and babies and she does this because of the love she has for the people who come to her.

The generosity of Catholics across England and Wales at Family Fast Day is what makes projects such as the mission hospital possible. Though we can’t be in Zimbabwe with Sr Consilia ourselves, our love can still reach her. Your support is like the arms of Sr Consilia in the photo – holding the baby and saying: we’ll be there for the future.

Family Fast Day is your love in her hands.

Do you want to take part in CAFOD’s Family Fast Day and support one of our local experts, like Sister Consilia, to save the lives of people in need?

You can help by supporting our Lent appeal and enable us to reach out to more families and communities in desperate need of help. Also you could follow our 2020 online Lent calendar to reflect, pray and take global justice actions throughout the season of Lent.

To receive weekly Gospel reflections via email please sign up to our e-newsletter for weekly reflections

Download our Lent calendar for children or our calendar for young people.

Find out more at

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