Saint Peter Parish in Hove supports CAFOD’s Christmas World Gifts

Big congratulations to St. Peter Parish for organising a cake sale which raised £128 for their Christmas project called “Do a good (goat) thing”. Through this initiative St. Peter parishioners are planning to raise more funds for CAFOD’s Christmas World Gifts and provide as many goats as possible to help transform the lives of poor communities and families in developing countries.

Cake sale fundraising event at St. Peter Parish for CAFOD’s World Gifts

What a great example to make a positive impact in people’s lives!

Do you also want to make a difference in people’s lives?  Talk to your friends, family and community members about  World Gift for Christmas. You do also can organise different fundraising events and help to change the lives of those living in poverty.


World Gifts are CAFOD’s alternative charity gifts that transforms lives. Perfect for Baptisms, birthdays and anniversaries, you can choose a unique, virtual gift that will make a real difference to a family living in poverty. And, that warm fuzzy feeling comes with free delivery.

For example, St. Peter Parishioners’ “virtual goats gift” provides a perfect livestock for many families living in rural areas. Goats are relatively easy to look after and can provide up to 12 pints of nutritious milk a week. It also produces free fertilizer which they can use to help grow crops.

Each World Gift is a real example of CAFOD’s work. When you choose a gift, you support the area of CAFOD’s work that this gift represents. Take a look at Gifts in Action for more information about world gift funds, and visit CAFOD’s World Gifts and choose your virtual Christmas gift now!

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