Dress a Dad Day at CAFOD A&B

I could get used to having a personal dresser, though his style is a little different to my own.

This morning, to raise awareness of and funds for our Family Fast Day appeal where your donation will be doubled by the UK Government until May 12th, I agreed to let my three year old boy decide what I am wearing today.

He was very happy to go about the task, a reversal of the usual, but I was a little concerned about what would be chosen, especially as my wife was on hand to help him. The CAFOD A&B Volunteer Centre, where I work, is in St John’s Seminary in Wonersh. There are standards to uphold and scandals to avoid.

I was also excited though. Left to myself, my choice of clothing can be a little uninteresting. Long ago I visited Bangladesh and was stunned by the bright and varied colours of clothing in the villages I visited. Perhaps today might bring some of that life into my style.

The items were laid out on the floor for me:

Black trousers

Black trousers – a safe choice

Trousers – fairly conservative and black. Safe.

A red 'Hawaiian' Shirt

Magnum would be proud

Shirt – Hawaiian and mostly red. Reminiscent of Tom Selleck’s moustachioed Private Investigator. Fantastic.

Tie – Initially a clash with the shirt but later changed by my son to be red (under no coercion from me). He wanted to keep hold of his first choice.

A white scarf

A white scarf – a bit lacey for me but let’s give it a go

White scarf – Quite pretty, quite feminine, not my usual style. They say life begins outside your comfort zone so here we go!

A Sea Captain's Cap

A Sea Captain’s Cap. Disclaimer: I am neither qualified nor employed in this regard.

Sea Captains Cap – an ill-matched item to top the outfit off, but perhaps it would give me a much-needed air of authority.

Mercifully I had a lift to work today so I didn’t have to face the awkward glances of fellow bus passengers. It was a full seminary though which was a good opportunity to remind people of our Family Fast Day appeal and mention that donations will be doubled by the UK Government until May the 12th!

People were welcoming of the break from the norm and there were many comments, smiles and a bit of laughter too. All the more awareness raised.

Mgr Gerry Ewing, Vice Rector of the Seminary, was particularly welcoming and happy to be photographed in my presence – photo below.

But really, what’s it all about? It’s a reminder, albeit a frivolous one, that we are raising funds for our work which supports people lifting themselves out of poverty.

To hear examples of the people you have helped and those who are still in need, please visit our Lent Fast Day Page. Please do consider making a donation which (did I mention?) will be doubled by the UK Government, making double the difference. This could mean more food for people suffering malnutrition, more clean water for those who struggle to access it, more healthcare, increased security, training and so many other things we can sometimes take for granted. If you’re able to make a donation please do visit the Fast Day page and support our work.

Mgr Gerry Ewing and Martin Brown

Mgr Gerry Ewing, Vice Rector of St John’s Seminary and Martin from CAFOD A&B. Hopefully you can tell which is which.

A Birthday Caterpillar

Luken, Martin’s stylist, also took the opportunity to dress up


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