Horsham Speaks Up

Speak up Five of St Johns HorshamA small crowd gathered today in St John’s Church Horsham to speak up about climate change. As part of the Climate Coalition, CAFOD supporters around the country have been asking their MP’s to highlight the importance of climate change to the Prime Minister.

In Horsham we started with a cup of tea and sharing our thoughts about climate change

We then planted ourselves a seed or two in a pot of the most ethical compost that could

A photo of some plant pots

Some plant pots

be found and took them home. There were some great conversations held about CAFOD and how we work, and our sensitivity and knowledge of local culture. We also took the chance to take part in CAFOD’s new campaign Power to Be and discussed how powerful (no pun intended) a little bit of energy can be in lifting people out of poverty.

Local MP, Jeremy Quinn, had a prior appointment but will be sent a briefing.

Our thanks go to the St John’s parish for hosting us and for those that came to raise their voice on behalf of those in poverty.

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