Power to Be Liturgy at St Edmund’s Godalming

Power to Liturgy at St Edmund's parish

Power to Be Liturgy at St Edmund’s parish

Many thanks to Mary and Colette, the CAFOD parish volunteers at St Edmund’s parish in Godalming for organising the Power To Be Liturgy at St Joseph’s Church Milford last night (Wednesday 21st June). Power to be is the new campaign from CAFOD. The campaign focuses on the idea that every child has the power to be anything they want to be and achieve great things. However, one in six people live without electricity and so these dreams are sometimes unachievable.

The power to be campaign is looking at renewable energy, which is not only the most efficient solution to bring power to communities but also enables families to have electricity without harming the world. Renewable energy can change people’s lives; no longer do they have to rely on dangerous and unhealthy sources of energy such as fire wood.

Power to Be cards

Power to Be cards

Last weekend the parishioners of St Edmund’s were invited to sign cards which call on Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative at the World Bank to support local, renewable energy which helps tackle poverty. Currently, less than 3% of the World Bank energy spending supports renewable energy.

So please encourage your parish to take part in the campaign and you can order the cards for signing here.

Or you can visit the CAFOD website here to sign our petition.

Remember to share the petition with friends and family and to check out our Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

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