Go Deeper with CAFOD!

On the 14th of June at the Holy Family Church, Lancing, a meeting was held for the public to let them know what CAFOD does. The meeting talked about the mission of CAFOD, how it helps those in need and where the money goes.

The meeting started off with an introduction of CAFOD’s visions and missions and how at the heart of the charity is Catholic social teaching. This was then followed by a statistics game where those attending had to match the statistics to statements, for example, how many children go to school without electricity.


Following this was a short ‘How to be a Millionaire’ style quiz on CAFOD, involving questions such as what does CAFOD stand for. Unfortunately, £1m was not a prize, but it did reveal the huge amount of CAFOD volunteers in the UK and much more.


Jo and Martin then talked about what volunteers do to fundraise for CAFOD and just how important this is. They also highlighted how CAFOD is worldwide and showed just how many places it helps. CAFOD works in partnership to develop poorer countries and enables them to gain the skills to develop further.


After the presentation on what CAFOD does and how important volunteering is, we were enlightened about ‘The Livesimply Parish award’ in which Parishes can work together to live simply.

Rod Thick, diocesan Livesimply Parish volunteer spoke of the variety of ways parishes can work towards this; being environmentally friendly is an important aspect, for example, installing energy efficient light bulbs or  even solar panels in your church. But the award is so much more than being environmentally friendly – a livesimply award is given when communities show they live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with people in poverty.

A light lunch was provided including some home grown lettuce donated by someone whose lettuce crop had rapidly outgrown his appetite for lettuce. The meeting had a good turn out and it was great to see people interested in CAFOD’s work and to ask any questions about CAFOD. Thank you for everyone who came and if you want to attend a meeting in the future, make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated.



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