Ten Easy Ways to get your Parish Campaigning

Campaigning is a powerful way of making a huge difference in the world. Campaigning works. It is a way of adding our voice to the call for justice, to the cry for a better world. When we add our name to a campaign, our voice to a call, our feet to a march we are building a better world. The difference we can make is profoundly amplified when we can get others to join with us. But how can we encourage people to join in when people are so busy?

To add to your desire and passion which are powerful, there are some simple ways to

Power to Be CAFOD's new campaign

Power to Be CAFOD’s new campaign

help people lend their voice to a campaign. Why not try a few of these for our new campaign, Power to Be.

  1. Ask your priest if you can give a quick announcement about the campaign at the end of Mass. People are far more likely to take a card and sign if they have heard what it’s about.
  2. People are often in a rush when they come out of church, you can catch some of them but many escape. Why not put some cards and pens out on the coffee tables in the hall?
  3. Attach the campaign cards to the parish newsletter so people take them home. They may not all fill them in but it’s more likely.
  4. Parishes often have events – soup lunches, quiz evenings, international meals. Why
    We all have dreams. What are yours?

    What do you want the Power to Be?

    not ask to give an announcement about the campaign at an existing parish event and ask people to fill in the cards there and then? A captive audience!

  5. Most parishes have a list of who is responsible for various groups within a parish. You could ask the leaders to ask their group to sign the cards at their next meeting.
  6. Normally each parish has a team of people which visit the sick of the parish and take them communion. Just because someone isn’t able to make Mass doesn’t mean they don’t want to make the world a better place. CAFOD prayer cards are often welcomed by both visitors and those being visited. Perhaps a campaign card could also be given during the visiting of the sick where it’s appropriate to do so.
  7. Many groups have youth leaders or confirmation catechists. As a way of putting their faith in action the youth group can be asked to fill in a card. If you would like a visitor to your parish youth group then do let us know. Our latest campaign has a nice visual activity too.

    A large sun created by written promises, prayers and pleas to the World Bank

    Create a sun of promises, prayers and pleas to the World Bank.

  8. Organise a prayer time or liturgy for your parish. We have pre-written liturgy for our latest campaign which includes a moment where people can add their name to the campaign.
  9. Give a campaign card out with every purchase from the Fairtrade stall, and have ready some pens and a box for completed cards.
  10. Before doing many of these, ask if you can include some teaser facts and quotes in your newsletter about the campaign. These will highlight the issues and warm people to the cause and they are more likely to sign up.

If you would like to sign up as a campaign volunteer in your parish then contact us in your local CAFOD Volunteer Centre. It’s a powerful and joyful way to make a profound difference in our world.

Our new campaign is Power to Be and we are asking the World Bank to increase its investment in local, renewable energy. Do add your voice to the campaign and encourage your fellow parishioners to add theirs!

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