Could changing the world start with you visiting your local schools?

CAFOD is looking for volunteers in to present assemblies and workshops in Primary or Secondary schools.

Children of St John's Primary School in Horsham creating a large fish out of £1 and £2 coins.

St John’s Fish – Lots of £1 and £2 coins growing into a giant fish

We currently have a small team of school volunteers who deliver assemblies and workshops in their local schools . They help children and young people learn about Global Poverty and inspire them to take action.The hours are flexible and will involve visiting schools on weekdays so some degree of availability during the week is needed. The time you commit is flexible depending on your preference and the needs of the schools you visit. One visit a month might be a realistic expectation.


Anne Barry, School Volunteer visiting Sacred Heart Primary, Hastings

Full training and support is given by CAFOD, with training happening three times a year. Expenses are covered too.

“It’s a lovely team of people,’ said Martin from CAFOD Arundel and Brighton, ‘who are a delight to work with. They are people who use their talents (or learn some new ones) so freely and joyfully in support of CAFOD and local schools in the hope of building a better world. My wish is that we had a few more to join the team, especially in Surrey.

“We would do what we can to support them and our existing volunteers would accompany them in their first few visits until they were happy to go in alone.

“Some are retired teachers but not all. Whoever has the willingness to learn and desire to build a better world could make a good School Volunteer.”

Would you be interested? Email or phone 01483 898 866 if you would like to know more.

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