St John’s, Horsham: O-Fish-ially Fantastic.

Martin, CAFOD Coordinator for Arundel and Brighton Diocese, shares his experience of visiting St John’s Catholic Primary School in Horsham on Lent Fast Day.

‘I don’t really do school visits now as we have some excellent School Volunteers, but I always love it when I do. I was happy this morning to visit my local Catholic Primary School, St John’s in Horsham, to speak about CAFOD and Lent Fast Day.

‘The welcome was truly warm from pupils and staff and I saw various signs of a community putting its mission statement into action ‘…all our children learn to love and love to learn.’

St Johns Horsham A Fishy Assembly (800x598)

St John’s children and Martin in Horsham

‘Recently they had been learning about Fairtrade and how this helps ensure that the world’s poorest growers and producers are able to earn a decent living and have a little extra to put back into their communities.

‘Today was about Lent Fast Day, about Florence and her fish and about growing in our love for others throughout Lent. We learned what a massive difference a few hundred small fish and a pond can make to people living in poverty.

‘St John’s raised an astonishing £330.40 through their appeal and fishy raffle and have been creating a big fish of cash.

Children of St John's Primary School in Horsham creating a large fish out of £1 and £2 coins.

St John’s Fish – Lots of £1 and £2 coins growing into a giant fish

‘I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Mrs Bono, all the staff, children and parents at St John’s in Horsham for their fundraising, their awareness raising, their prayer and their warm welcome this morning. It was a delight to visit and hear of all that they are doing to love others.’

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