Zambia and El Salvador come to Crawley

crawlet-breakfast-7-800x600Tania Dalton from CAFOD’s Latin America Team joined us on Saturday in The Friary, Crawley to speak about our work in Latin America and El Salvador. CAFOD has long worked in El Salvador, the country in which Blessed Oscar Romero was Archbishop and saying Mass when he was martyred.

Local Parish Volunteer and Area Coordinator, Min Merchant along with a team of friends provided croissants, coffee, honey and jam to welcome people who came from across the whole area.

Tania spoke inspiringly about our work across Latin America and the incredible people with whom we have worked. The twenty four people who attended were very thankful to Tania for sharing her Saturday morning and experience with them.

Martin also updated people of the diocese as to various appeals, thanking people for their support and also painted a picture behind the focus story of this year’s Lent Fast Day, Florence in Zambia.

Our thanks go to Min and her team, Tania and all those who came to hear of our work.

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