An Inspirational Justice and Peace Assembly

Fr Augusto

Fr Augusto, Martin and Jo with CAFOD parish volunteers from St Cuthbert’s Egham

Last Saturday around 160 people from around the diocese attended the Justice and Peace Assembly at DABCEC on the theme of “Am I a good Neighbour? Globalisation and the Fair Society”

Fr Augusto,  who is the theological adviser for CAFOD, spoke about how Jesus turned the question ‘Who is my neighbour’ into “Who is behaving as a good neighbour?” He explored our relational existence with each other and how the way we live impacts on other people.

He described the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’  Care of our Common Home as more than a discourse about ecology but a call to look at every aspect of our lives and how it effects others and the earth.  Although the problems that the world face may seem overwhelming and our efforts insignificant he reminded as of the “Little Way “of St  Therese of Lisieux to do all things well even the recycling!

Jenny Sinclair was the other speaker at the meeting and she is the founder and director of Together for the Common Good which aims  to bring the principle of the Common Good alive and encourage people of good will to work together across their differences. She talked about how she was inspired by the partnership between her late father David Sheppard (Anglican Bishop of Liverpool) and Derek Worlock (Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool) who worked together and used reconciliation as a way of healing relationships broken by polarisation and divisions. She focussed on how we can be neighbours  in our local area and support the needs of those struggling in our communities.

There were many stalls representing a wide variety of charities and in the afternoon we heard a little about how each one is meeting a need in our society today.  Also there was a fairtrade stall with a huge array of fairtrade goods to buy. I enjoyed chatting to people about CAFOD and was very impressed to see so many of our CAFOD parish volunteers at the meeting. The talks have been recorded and are available online and well worth a listen.

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Well done and thank you to the speakers, helpers and the Diocesan J&P Advisor, Aidan Cantwell, and commission for such a good day.

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