Laudato Si’ Study groups start with passion in Horsham

St John the Evangelist’s Laudato Si’ Discussion group started last night in Horsham. Peter Mullarky together with members of the Parish Justice and Peace Committee organised and led the group which are using the CAFOD reflection guides. 

The name ‘ Laudato Si’ ‘ is taken from St Francis’ Canticle of Creation and means ‘Praise be you’. Pope Francis used it as the title of his letter on the care of our common home.

The group very much enjoyed reflecting on and discussing the various passages of the document which were used.


The thought that creation can be considered a book through which God speaks to us and grants us a glimpse of his infinite beauty and goodness was a popular and moving with one member saying:

‘As I get older I can gasp at the beauty of creation, the beauty of humanity and life on earth.’

During the session we read the words of Davi, of the Yanomami indigenous people of Brazil who said ‘We, the Yanonami people, are the guardians of the forest of our country’

One member of the group thought it would be wonderful if we could say ‘We, the parishioners of Horsham (or the people of Britain) are the guardians of creation.’ But didn’t think we could quite claim to be that just yet.

One person spoke of their experience of El Salvador and raised the question as to how people who live in shanty towns have such great praise and worship of God compared to ourselves.

There were many good points made, discussed and a lively argument about fracking but the room was united in wanting to care for creation and work for the good of all people, especially those who live in poverty.

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The remaining sessions will be on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm on the 22nd of February, the 22nd of March and the 26th of April. All are welcome. Sessions take place upstairs in the hall. No need to have read the encyclical, just come with an appetite for reflection and discussion.

Contact the CAFOD office for more details 01483 898 866.

Photos: Martin Brown and David White

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