CAFOD volunteers meet Chancellor Phillip Hammond in Speak up Week

Phillip Hammond

Meeting Chancellor Phillip Hammond

On Friday 14 October Libia Roldan-McRobb, our CAFOD parish volunteer at St Anne’s Church Chertsey and others met with Chancellor Phillip Hammond MP for Runnymede and Weybridge as part of the Speak Up Week of Action.

She told us all about the meeting “Last Friday at Chertsey Hall, we had the pleasure to meet Chancellor Phillip Hammond for 45 minutes to talk about climate change and what  the UK Government is doing to help reduce its effects, in the UK and in the world.  We were a group of seven adults including my husband Andrew McRobb, Fr Marco from Salesians School, and Ben Niblet from Tearfund, Many items were discussed at the meeting, the first was for the government to ratify the  Paris Climate action plan by the end of the year. Other items up for discussion were two ways to increase the efficiency of 2 million houses, Chancellor Phillip Hammond said he would re-look at the Green Deal in the future. My husband Andrew suggested that all public buildings including schools should have LED lighting fitted as a way of improving energy efficiency and  reducing long term running cost to the tax payer.

Meeting at Chertsey

Speak Week of Action Meeting at Chertsey.

We presented Chancellor Phillip Hammond with an ash tree seedling, one of many 100’s of trees grown by my children in our back garden over the last few years. Planting more trees at home and around the world is a great way to mitigate the effects of global warming and reduce the effects of flooding.


Chancellor Phillip Hammond was very approachable, and easy to talk to.  He seemed very interested in climate change issues and said he will look into our ideas.”

Many thanks to Chancellor Phillip Hammond for making time to speak with his constituents about Climate Change and thanks to Libia and Ben for organising this event for the Speak up Week of Action. If you organised an event for the Speak up Week of Action do let us know and send us some photos to put on the blog.

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