Camberley Connect to Cambodia

Camberley connect 2

Camberley Parish Connect2 Cambodia Supper

Many thanks to Jo Carroll and her team of CAFOD volunteers for organising an excellent supper on Friday 14th October to raise funds for the Connect2 Cambodia project which the Camberley parish has been supporting this year. They raised £485 at the supper which added to all their other fundraising events means a grand total of £2200 in 2016. What a fantastic amount!!

Anne and Jonathan from CAFOD

Welcoming Anne and Jonathan from CAFOD.

Jo told us that the evening was very successful with over 40 parishioners attending. After they had all enjoyed some delicious food Anne Fegan and Jonathan Heard from CAFOD spoke about the various connect 2 projects and the new project in Cambodia which the parish are supporting.

Enjoying a delicious supper

Enjoying a delicious supper!

What is Connect2?

Connect2 is your chance to take a journey with ordinary people leading extraordinary lives, by fundraising as a Parish community. The money you raise will support our work in your partner community and in other communities like theirs throughout their country. You really can help transform lives.

How does it work?

  • With your parish, choose a country to Connect2 – Cambodia, Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia or Peru.
  • You’ll receive stories and photographs from a community in your chosen country.
  • Over the next few years, local people will share their hopes, dreams, struggles and challenges with you through regular updates.
  • In return, you can support the community by praying, raising money and sharing news from your parish through photographs, cards and messages of solidarity.
Camberley connect2 supper

Enjoying a delicious supper

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