Towers Convent School Celebrate decades of support for CAFOD

Towers Convent School celebrates two decades of fundraising and pledges to continue helping communities across the world

They have spent twenty years raising over £23,000 to help alleviate poverty and injustice across the world.


For  decades, the Towers Convent School, Upper Beeding, has been supporting Catholic aid agency CAFOD, in our work alongside communities to provide resources, training and opportunities to help people live with dignity, support their families and give something back to their communities.

Rather than just celebrate their fundraising success, the school have instead pledged to continue fundraising for the charity and last Friday held a collection for our Harvest Fast Day.

Religious Education teacher and Chaplin, Ms Butcher said:

“The staff and pupils at The Towers, entered into the spirit of Harvest Fast Day by having soup and bread for lunch instead of their much loved fish and chips. The school has raised over £20,000 for CAFOD over the last 20 years.”

This Harvest, CAFOD is working with communities in the South American country of Bolivia, where in the Altiplano region, nearly 60% of the rural population are living below the poverty line. Unpredictable rains and frequent hailstorms are destroying the crops which the communities rely on.

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CAFOD’s partners are working to provide greenhouses to protect crops and train communities with new farming techniques to help them grow enough crops to feed their families. The pupils fundraising will enable CAFOD’s partners to continue working with communities like those in Bolivia.

CAFOD’s representative in Arundel and Brighton Diocese, Martin Brown, said:Martin Brown 1.jpg

“During autumn we always celebrate Harvest, which is traditionally a time of abundance, where communities come together and share food. In this time of abundance, it is important that we remember those who are without food and join together.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to the pupils, their families and teachers at the Tower Convent for their continued generosity in supporting families across the world and for putting their faith into action to help create a fairer world.”

Last but by no means least we would like to Marie-Helene, our Schools Volunteer in South West Sussex who enthusiastically, tirelessly and happily visits schools in the area. Marie-Helene is part of our much valued Schools Volunteer Team raising awareness in schools throughout the diocese. If you’re interested in joining then do get in touch.

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