Speak up Week of Action – What did your MP say?


On Friday 7th October I went along to meet Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey at his surgery in Godalming.  First of all I thanked him and the government for the agreeing to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement.


We then discussed the issue of energy in the poorest countries in the world and the fact that 1 in 5 people around the world do not have access to the electricity that they need to power schools, clinics, homes and businesses.  I told him how investment in decentralised, renewable energy can tackle climate change and poverty overseas, and then asked him to discuss with Priti Patel the Secretary of State for International Development how the government can spend more of its energy support in developing countries on energy access for the poor with a focus on renewables.

Jeremy was very supportive and said “that renewable energy was the future for developing countries.”

The briefing notes provided by CAFOD were very helpful and made the conversation much more fruitful and simple. My thanks to Jeremy Hunt for meeting with me and having such a positive discussion. Jo Lewry CPC A&B

Have you been able to meet up with your MP this week on the Speak Up Week of Action? If so please let us know about it and send us a photo!

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