Bolivia focus country for Harvest fast day 7th October

boy with vegetables

Growing vegetables in the Altiplano

Harvest is a time of abundance and plenty, a time to celebrate and share the fruition of a hard year’s work. On this Harvest Fast Day, CAFOD are asking supporters from Arundel and Brighton to join together on 7 October, to help the families of the Altiplano in the Bolivia, South America, to grow more food.



At 4,000 metres above sea level, the Bolivian Altiplano plain is a difficult place to live, and now the highly agricultural community is being adversely affected by the effects of climate change. Unpredictable rains and frequent hailstorms are destroying crops which the community relies on. Men are being forced to leave their families for months at a time, travelling to the cities to find work, leaving the women and children to work the land by themselves.

Boy harvesting vegetables

Ruben aged 8 harvesting vegetables his family has grown.

By investing in the building of greenhouses, the provision of seeds and materials, the teaching of new farming techniques and by providing technical staff to educate the community on how to build wormeries and make their own organic fertiliser, our partners help people not only to grow enough food to feed their families but also to have some left to sell.

You can help the communities of Bolivia by joining the two-year Hands On Project. This harvest please help us to ensure that parishioners know about CAFOD’s work with the families of the Altiplano by giving the short talk at mass, handing out the fast day envelopes and putting up the posters. Parish Harvest fast day packs will be sent out at the beginning of September to parish contacts, and other resources are on CAFOD website.

Find out how you can get ” Hands On” with the people of the Altiplano.


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