Cobham barn dance for this year’s Harvest appeal

Media intern, Leah, caught up with two enthusiastic volunteers at the march for refugees last weekend and found out about their plans for Harvest and their charity barn dance.

Parishioners from Sacred Heart in Cobham have raised over £9,000 for CAFOD. During Lent, their race night raised £1,500, helping provide clean water to communities across the world.

Find out about this year’s Harvest appeal 

On 8 October, Sacred Heart in Cobham will hold their first barn dance, helping to ensure that communities have enough food this Harvest.

The event starts at Sacred Heart parish, Cobham at 7pm. Tea will be at 8pm.

Tickets are £15 or £40 for a family. You can buy tickets at

Donate to the Harvest Appeal

Enthusiastic CAFOD volunteers, Brian and Jackie Trewby, 66 and 64, have volunteered for CAFOD for ten years. Together with their CAFOD group they have raised over £9,000 for CAFOD from BBQ’S to race nights.

horesham-brian-jackietrewby2-0452Recently Jackie and Brian joined thousands of others, marching to Parliament Square in London to campaign for the rights of refugees.

How Catholics are responding to the refugee crisis in England and Wales

Jackie said:

“The barn dance is a new venture, we wanted a change and we thought it might engage younger people and be really fun.

“We cannot stress enough that it is for all ages and families and there will be a delicious buffet. Fundraising is the best way of supporting CAFOD, it brings people from the whole community together and it is always a lovely atmosphere.”

“We are very excited to bring people together for a great cause and really looking forward to it.

Our top tips for a CAFOD fundraising event – getting the support of other volunteers, focus it around Fast day, try to get a variety of different events. Get a good format and a team and have fun.

“I have been inspired to speak at mass because of the nagging from my wife and lots of encouragement and motivation by our local representative, Jo Lewry.”

Read our A-Z fundraising ideas to help you plan for this Harvest 

harvestdisplay-16-0169This year’s Harvest appeal focuses on the Bolivian Altiplano, where nearly 60% of the rural population are living below the poverty line. The changing climate has caused unpredictable rains and frequent hailstorms, which are destroying the crops which the communities rely on.

Our partners are working to provide greenhouses to protect crops and train communities with new farming techniques to help them to grow more food. Sacred Heart’s donation will enable CAFOD’s partners to continue working with communities like those in Bolivia.

The event starts at Sacred Heart parish, Cobham at 7pm. Tea will be at 8pm.

Tickets are £15 or £40 for a family. You can buy tickets at

Donate to the Harvest Appeal


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