Lampedusa comes to Cardinal Newman School, Hove.

Taken from Cardinal Newman Catholic School’s Facebook site.

‘Our chapel has been displaying a cross made from pieces of a wrecked refugee boat. Students were encouraged to hold the cross, take a card and write a message of hope to a refugee. Messages were then posted in a box and will be delivered by CAFOD.

In October 2013 on an overcrowded wooden boat, fire broke out. The boat capsized and sank off the Italian coast and of more than 500 people on board only 155 survived. The cross is made from pieces of a boat that was wrecked off the coast of the small Island of Lampedusa. In October 2013 Francesco Tuccio was moved by the plight of the Eritrean and Somali survivors and used his skills as a carpenter to fashion each of them a cross from the wreckage of the boat as a reflection on their salvation from the sea and as a sign of hope for the future.

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It has been great for our students to be a part of this, to think, and remember.’

We are delighted that Cardinal Newman School were able to encourage their students to reflect on the cross and the plight of refugees. If you would like to borrow the Lampedusa cross for your parish, school or other group then please do get in touch. Please consider writing a message of hope or two to refugees by clicking on the link.

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