What is the DOCAT?

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is, as many of you know, the teaching and thought of the Church on social justice. CAFOD always tries to reflect CST in our work and raise awareness of the depth of the teaching.

The DOCAT, as a follow-up of the youth catechism – YouCat, has and emphasis on putting faith into action, based on CST.

Pope Francis is offering the brand new book on the social teachings of the Catholic Church as a free gift (digital download) as part of a smart phone app until the end of World Youth Day (July 31, 2016). After that, it becomes an in-app purchase. A well known e-book store has the paperback priced at $8.52.

The point of the fresh-approach catechism written for a young audience is to jump-start a global movement to engage young people in the social doctrine of the Church.

As you open the app, you will be asked to take a pledge to Pope Francis to live out what you learn and pass it on to others –an active engagement for a more just world. After you agree, the app opens to the home screen which offers a portal to theDoCat book (which you purchase for the next couple of days at $0.00).

For downloading, please visit

(Post adapted from https://www.facebook.com/ICCRS/)

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