St Charles Borromeo and Lampedusa

On Friday the 1st of July, St Charles Borromeo Primary School in Weybridge had the chance to reflect on the plight of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea in hope of a better life.

Sicilian carpenter Francesco Tuccio made rough crosses from the wreckage of a boat carrying refugees that sank off the Island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea. The crosses were offered to the survivors as a symbol of their rescue and a sign of hope. Pope Francis has a Lampedusa Cross after visiting the Island and the plight of refugees is close to his heart.

Sadly there has been no shortage of wood. CAFOD has one of these Lampedusa Crosses and we were delighted to share it with the pupils and staff at St Charles Borromeo.  The arrival of the cross was very timely as the pupils were learning about those who died in the Battle of the Somme one hundred years ago. They were inspired by the story of how old shells from the battle were being transformed into poppies – a similar story of transformation.

Martin was able to speak to the pupils about the story of the cross, the journey of the refugees and CAFOD’s work with refugees. The pupils had many good questions and were interested to hear of CAFOD partner Cesar Lopez who had turned an AK-47 assault rifle into a guitar which he uses to sing songs of peace in troubled areas of Colombia.

Transformation and hope were the themes of the day and the students wrote messages of hope for refugees which will be dedicated at the end of the Year of Mercy and shared with refugees from all over the world.

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Our thanks go to the St Charles Borromeo school community for their hospitality and concern for those in difficult situations.

If you would like to borrow the cross for your parish or school then please do get in touch with us in the office. 01483 898 866

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