Lampedusa visits the Salesian School, Chertsey

On Friday the 1st of July, staff at the Salesian school in Chertsey had the chance to reflect on the plight of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea in hope of a better life.

Sicilian carpenter Francesco Tuccio made rough crosses from the wreckage of a boat carrying refugees that sank off the Island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea. The crosses were offered to the survivors as a symbol of their rescue and a sign of hope. Pope Francis has a Lampedusa Cross as does the British museum.

Sadly there has been no shortage of wood since then. CAFOD has one of these Lampedusa Crosses and we were delighted to share it with the staff of the school to aid their reflection.

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People found it quite profound and took time to write messages of hope to refugees These messages will be dedicated at the end of the Year of Mercy and shared with refugees from all over the world.

Our thanks go to the Salesian community.

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