A heartfelt thanks for the hidden work of our Diocesan Management Team

On Friday the 17th of June we had our final CAFOD A&B Diocesan Management Team (DMT) Meeting in Sacred Heart Parish Hall, Hove.

Ever since I’ve been in the diocese (eight years) and even before that, a loyal group of vital volunteers has met to help us decide how to involve the catholic community in our work. Our dedicated volunteers came representing various deaneries, education volunteers, campaigners and various other areas and offered their feedback, their thoughts and their guidance to us.

Over the years we have had many volunteers serve on the DMT for a time, along with a group of solid saints who have stuck with us through various changes. The meetings are by no means secret but not many will have heard of them, or the hard work done by the people who serve in this way.

At the meeting on Friday we heard updates from people’s areas of work and we ourselves gave an update on our work, events and priorities. It is always good to hear feedback from people and the meeting has been a great way of collecting that feedback. After lunch we looked at the future – how the meetings are to evolve along with tweaks to the role of Area Coordinator.

We will be having a core group of volunteers who will accompany us in our journey of recruiting volunteers, be ambassadors in their own areas and contribute to CAFOD’s work in regional meetings with similar groups in the South East. While this is not too different from the excellent work done by the DMT thus far, we are now working towards a more national way of working which means drawing the meetings to end before starting the meetings of the Core Team in the autumn.


Some of the loyal members of the DMT (L to R) Linda and Kevin Dignum, Anne Barry, Min Merchant, Rod Thick, Roger Morton, Martin Brown (Jo Lewry taking the photo).

Our sincerest thanks go to all volunteers who have served on the Diocesan Management Team (and before that on the Diocesan Development Team) for all their work, guidance and commitment over the past years. Our thanks also go to Fr Kevin Dring and the Parish of The Sacred Heart in Hove for their generous hospitality over the last few years.

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