Amazing Art Display on Laudato Si’



Pupils at St Edmund’s RC Primary in school, Godalming have been reflecting on the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’ Care for our Common Home. Each class produced a beautiful  piece of art work for the hall display focussing on a different quote from the Pope’s letter. Year 6 looked at “We have hurt and mistreated our world and developed it at a greater speed than ever imagined.” Year 5 focussed on “The earth is full of beauty and wonder and belongs to everyone.”








Year 4 and 3 looked at how we have treated the world. “We have treated the Earth as if it has unlimited resources”. ….. We have taken more than our fair share from most people on the planet and from future generations.”

IMG_9310In Key Stage 1 the children reflected on how people’s actions can help or harm the earth. ” We have cut down Earth’s natural forests and polluted it’s water, land and air….We are not slowing down with how much we buy and throw away . We cannot continue like this “.

Many thanks to all the pupils and staff at St Edmunds for sharing their inspirational art work with us and especially to Mrs Hua the  RE Leader for sending us the photos.

We love to hear about the wonderful work that schools do when reflecting on One climate One World so please send us your stories and photos so that we can share them on the blog.

A study guide and more information on the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’ can be found on the CAFOD web site.

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