Marathon Man Nick Combes from Guildford


Was it going teetotal or running 614 kilometres in training that enabled Nick to run the London Marathon in under 4 hours and raise £2,680 so far for CAFOD?

Nick Combes from Guildford managed the run, his first ever marathon, in just three hours and forty seven minutes in unseasonably cold weather and raised a similar amount for his other favourite charity, Children with Cancer.  If you’d like to recognise his achievement, (that’s running the marathon not giving up the  booze!), his just giving page is still open for donations at
If you’re intrigued as to why it says Mont Blanc that’s because climbing it is Nick’s next big challenge. The highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc stands at 4,810 metres, that’s just under 16,000 feet, and Nick aims to reach the top in September this year.  Once again he’ll be raising money for CAFOD and you can spur him on his way via the same just giving page.

Nick himself says  ‘I am very keen to support CAFOD’s excellent work throughout the world.’

Photos 2015-2016 069

Many thanks to Nick and all the other marathon runners who braved the cold to run 26.2 miles and raise money to help CAFOD enable people to lift themselves out of poverty and reach out to those affected by natural and man-made disasters.



CAFOD’s Coordinator for the area, Jo Lewry, said “Wow, what an achievement – 26.2 miles and £2,680 and rising. That’s wonderful. Through his efforts and the generosity of his supporters, many lives will be transformed. Our thanks go to Nick and to all who use their time and efforts to change the world!”’

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