Superb food and great company at St Anne’s, Chertsey


Thank you Libia for organising the four study sessions and for cooking the lovely lunches.

Libia Roldan-McRobb from St Anne’s Church Chertsey did a fantastic job of organising Laudato Si’ Study sessions on Saturdays for the last four months. She led the sessions and cooked a superb lunch for the attendees ably assisted by her husband and four children. The sessions followed the CAFOD study guide on Laudato Si’- Care for Our Common Home.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the last session ” We were made for love” which was held on Saturday 16th April. During the discussion Fr Michael the parish priest reflected on God’s amazing creation and the sheer awesomeness of this universe that we live in that we really know very little about. We also discussed the importance of having access to water and the CAFOD projects like the one in Uganda where a bore hole was fixed so that the village had their water supply restored and were trained on how to maintain it.

Libia gave out information about becoming a CAFOD MPC (Member of Parliament Correspondent) which means writing to your local MP a couple of times a year to raise important issues like climate change so that they remain on the political agenda. Christopher  was keen to find out about how young people can get involved with CAFOD’s climate change campaign especially as the decisions made now will affect his generation. Everyone agreed on how thought-provoking the Laudato si’ study sessions had been and how parishes need to work together more and support each other. Although the attendance may not have been huge each week around 40 people have come to a least one session. Thank you to all those who attended the sessions and  to St Anne’s for hosting them.

Many thanks to Libia for the fantastic lunches which she provided each Saturday and if last Saturday’s menu which included roasted Salmon and dauphinoise potatoes, and carrot cake were anything to go by I am very sorry to have missed them- Jo Lewry

The attendees at the last session.

The attendees at the last session.


If you would like to hold Laudato si’ study sessions in your parish please get in touch with us at or call 01483 898866

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