Soup lunches since 2011 at St Michael’s in Ashtead.

Caroline Fitzherbert from St Michael’s Ashtead tells us about the soup lunches that have been running since 2011. “St Michael’s Soup Lunch has been operating since June 2011. On the first Friday of each month, home-made soup, bread and pudding are served in the Church Hall, for a donation of £5. The Soup Lunch Team provides all the supplies, there are no “expenses”, all money collected goes to our charities. The Team comprises men and women from the Ashtead community who have a connection to St Michael’s either as parishioners or, spouses or friends of parishioners. Apart from a nourishing meal, the Soup Lunch provides a welcoming, caring, comfortable environment for all denominations, ages and abilities.

Since its inception, the Soup Lunch has been supporting CAFOD , together with another charity, currently, Princess Alice Hospice in Esher.

£17,947 has been raised to April 2016; half of which (£8,974) has gone to CAFOD.

During the Easter period, when the UK Government matches £ for £ any donations to CAFOD, in order to maximise the benefit, all the money collected at the Lunch is donated to CAFOD. The shortfall to the other charity is addressed after the Easter period.

With more than 70 diners at both the March and April, 2016 lunches, £715, has been raised. The £ for £ match will turn this into a £1,430 donation to CAFOD.

Thank you so much to Caroline and The Soup Lunch Team for raising a fantastic amount of money for CAFOD over the years.  If shows how simple idea like a soup lunch can be a great way to raise money as well as providing an opportunity for people to get together. Our Turn on the Taps Lenten appeal is still open.



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