An Inter-Continental Breakfast in Hove

“Before you finish eating breakfast this morning you’ve depended on  more than half the world.” Martin Luther King

We would like to invite you to our Inter-Continental Breakfast on Saturday 14th May at Sacred Heart Church, Hove, BN3 3BF from 9:30- 11:30am.

In addition to a lovely breakfast we will share an update on our work, a chance to meet others from the area and find out about the many ways in which one can get involved, as individuals, as a parish and as a Deanery.

We hope this will be a thoroughly enjoyable occasion with delicious food based which we do our best to source ethically.

Starring orange juice from Africa, coffee from South America, tea from Asia and bacon from Europe.

We will also bring a display of the Lost Family Portraits and mention an update on our work with Refugees.

Lost Family Portrait Razirs Family

Lost Family Portraits: Razir’s Family. Razir’s husband was kidnapped and executed. Unable to raise enough money to bring all of her children to safety, she was forced to leave her two eldest girls behind. For more information see

Please do let us know you are intending to join us to make sure we prepare enough food, and when you do so let us know any dietary requirements.

01483 898 866 or

If you would like to hold a similar event in your parish or area then please do get in touch as we would love to do so.

Poster for inter continental breakfast Brighton 14th May 2016


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