Fantastic Fund-Raising Idea

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Clean water makes a difference for school children in Uganda

Zach from Cranmore School, West Horsley  sent us a letter about his fantastic fund-raising efforts in the summer holidays.

“During the summer holidays, I started a project for my Religious Education studies at school.  We each had to research a charity of our choice.  I chose CAFOD because I knew about the charity from my school, as we already fundraise for them. I like that they try to help so many people from all over the world. As my brother, sister and myself all play an instrument, I thought we could try busking on Guildford High St.  I thought it would be quite busy there because it was the school holidays and lots of families would be shopping.  So in the middle of August I went to Guildford with my older brother Wynn and my younger sister Ella.  My brother and I played the ukulele, whilst my sister sang along to the songs we had chosen

We started early in the morning, outside the Guildford train station, collecting from all the commuters going to work.  We stayed there for approximately 1 hour.  We then we moved to the High Street, where we thought it would be busier with shoppers.  We sang and played our ukulele’s for another two hours.  After 3 hours we had raised a total of £52.49.  I was quite tired and my fingers were sore from all the strumming but I was happy with the money we had raised.  I hope to raise more money for CAFOD in the future.  I want to think of another fun and clever way of fundraising”.

Well done Zach, Wynn and Ella for giving up your time and raising money in a very entertaining way. We look forward to hearing about your next fund-raising idea.

It is so inspiring when young people take the initiative and find exciting and creative ways to raise money for CAFOD. If you have any more fantastic fund-raising stories let us know!

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Fund-Raising Idea

  1. Zach, Wynn and Ella
    I am so impressed by what you did and I am sorry that I was not in Guildford that day to see you. As a ‘thank you’ I am going to (nearly) match what you have raised and donate £50 to CAFOD. Will any one else join me?

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