Camberley Churches fill tubes for Cambodia

camberley tubes no kids

Filling up the tube after mass

The three churches in Camberley and Bagshot: St Tarcisius, Christ the King, and St Peter and St John have come together to raise money for CAFOD Connect2 Cambodia. Jonathan Heard from CAFOD major donor team led a very successful evening about the project in October which raised £475.  Then Jo Caroll launched a competition between the three churches to see which church could raise the most money by filling plastic tubes with coins. Fr Richard promoted the CAFOD Connect2 tubes at Sunday masses and by the end of the first weekend they were already half full. On the 25th November the parishioners came together to share in a soup lunch after mass and count the coins. They raised  £449.58 which added together with their previous fund raising events from July makes nearly £2000 for Connect2 Cambodia. What a fantastic amount raised in six months. Well done to Camberley parishes for a inspirational fund raising idea using plastic tubes!


Camberley tubes with boy

Everyone enjoyed adding their coins to the tube!



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