Teach someone to read this Christmas

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For children in developing countries, being able to read not only opens their minds to new stories and adventures, but it gives them a better education and a better chance of getting a job when they leave school. And it’s never too late to learn. Teaching an adult to read can help them to support their family and even to set up their own business. It is a fantastic skill that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

A special gift: Teach someone to read

Meet Hector… Hector's story (36)

Eleven-year-old Hector lives in Peru, and goes to an after-school club. Hector’s mum works long hours and isn’t there when Hector gets home from school. So Hector loves going to the club, where volunteers help him with his reading and homework, and provide a safe space for him to study and play. Through World Gifts you can help many other children, like Hector, to learn to read.

Our new World Gifts range is available now. With the help of schools and youth groups like yours, e we want to help 5,000 people learn to read this Christmas, Will you help us reach this ambitious target?

We can’t reach our target without you, so get together as a class or group and see how many people you can teach to read. Fundraising together is a fun and creative way of learning about developing countries and the importance of putting our faith into action. And Christmas is the perfect time to share the joy of reading with our sisters and brothers all over the world.

Teach someone to read – some World Gift literary fundraising ideas…

  • Try selling old books
  • Dress up as a character from your favourite story
  • Run a sponsored spelling bee!
  • Hold a short story competition in class

Visit cafod.org.uk/schoolsworldgifts for fundraising resources and to check out our online totaliser.

We also have a list of What your money can buy Connect2 El Salvador Dec 2014 in El Salvador for Parishes who are part of Connect2 El Salvador. While these are not part of World Gifts, it does give a sense of how well the money is used. We know many of you will be having special fundraising over Advent and Christmas and thought this might help.

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