Graham Gordon, CAFOD’s Head of Public Policy speaks on The Environment in Catholic Social Teaching Monday 24th Nov

As part of a series of talks on Catholic Social Teaching organised by Peter Mullarky in St John the Evangelist Parish, Horsham, Graham Gordon, CAFOD’s Head of Public Policy spoke on environmental stewardship.

The talks thus far have been interesting, challenging and have stimulated much discussion among the gathered crowd. Graham who leads CAFOD’s team on issues of international development and environment continued this trend. He has much experience in the field, having worked in Peru for six years with indigigenous groups and local communities to protect their rights especially around land, natural resources and political participation.

We were all challenged as to what we could do now, we were challenged to involve ourselves in calling for action on climate change. We were challenged to contact our MPs and make sure that they know that we care about climate change. Click for more information on our climate change campaign, One World One Climate. Our sincere thanks go to Graham for his talk and to Peter Mullarky for organising the talks.

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