Deirdre’s Great South Run for CAFOD

Along with 25,000 others, I took to the streets of Portsmouth  on Sunday 26th of October to compete in the 10 Deirdremile Great South Run. For me it really was great.  A great experience and  great fun.

Up until this I had only ever  taken part in such events from the comfort of my sofa. Two months ago, my running brother, Tony (who now considers himself my coach) provided me with a running plan which I followed almost to the letter. It paid off and on Sunday, I completed the 10 mile run in 1 hour and 47 minutes .

I did enjoy the run, I was cheered on by my lovely  family including my 85 year old dad visiting from Ireland. The crowds were loud, the weather was dry  and to be surrounded by so many other runners, running for causes close to their own hearts was inspiring too. I am pleased with my time but I am even more pleased with my total of nearly £1100.

All the money raised will help CAFOD respond to the Ebola Crisis.

Thank you to all who sponsored me. For those of you  who would like to sponsor me , you still can, go to

I am going to give my running shoes a little rest now but not for too long.



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