The Joys of a Team – visiting the Bognor, Slindon and Rose Green CAFOD team

We recently had the joy of visiting a CAFOD team in Bognor Regis who welcome us warmly with tea, coffee and very tasty biscuits. There have been a few changes in the Parish team lately and we wanted to check our records and see if we could do anything to support the Parish team.

As with many Parish CAFOD teams, there are a small number of people who enjoy the responsibility of ensuring the Fast Day announcements or short talks happen and that the envelopes are distributed and other practicalities are taken care of. There are also other willing volunteers who help out when needed. The team also looks toward what other events and and activities can happen within the Parish or local community which could raise awareness of the needs of communities around the world and encourage people to support our work through donations, campaigning, volunteering or praying.

The Bognor Regis Parish Team

The Bognor Regis Parish Team

For quite a few years we had some great help in the area; Teri and Pauline. They have been very faithful in encouraging the generosity of their fellow parishioners. In addition, they helped welcome the new volunteers to the team and share their experience. Recently Teri and Pauline decided it was a good time to step down and the presence of the team ensured there was a good handover and it didn’t leave the Parish without a volunteer. We’re very grateful for all that Pauline and Teri did for us and for the communities in Bognor and Slindon.

During the meeting we received feedback about our work and also used the time to suggest a variety of things in which the Parish may be interested. Some of our suggestions weren’t quite right for the Parish but the team are looking to take others forward which is great. It was a very inspiring group to visit and we’re grateful for their presence and enthusiasm and their time and efforts in raising the profile of our work in the South West of our Diocese.

We know there are quite a few good CAFOD teams in the Diocese, would you like us to visit your Parish team to give us feedback or to see what might work in your Parish? If so, just get in touch. If you’re reading this thinking ‘I wish I had a team’ then do get in touch and we’d be delighted to offer what help we can in recruiting people to help you.

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