Putting Faith into Action and Justice & Peace Values in the Home

Columban Justice and Peace Education, CAFOD A&B and the A&B Pastoral Team are exploring a new initiative to help people inspire Justice & Peace values in their homes and families.  We hope this will bear much fruit in years to come as we raise our children and young people to become responsible global citizens.

We are starting the whole project by listening. We are sure there are many people who have done this in their own families for many years and we would love to hear your ideas and your experience. I don’t want to suggest examples of the things you may have done in case they narrow your thoughts but we’d love for you to get in touch and tell us about how you have inspired your children (who may be young or getting on a bit now) to be thoughtful global citizens. Or maybe you just have some good, un-tested ideas and would like us to hear about them.

Walton-on-Thames youngsters putting their faith into action by making (and eating) cakes.

Walton-on-Thames youngsters putting their faith into action by making (and eating) cakes.

To share your thoughts please email James Trewby on education@columbans.co.uk and he will be delighted to hear from you.

Alternatively come and join us on the 9th of August in St Joseph’s Parish, Guildford, from 10-12:30. We will have a short time of prayer followed by discussion and sharing. This should be a great event where we can share about our families and the joys and struggles with raising children to put their faith and values into action. Do let us know you are thinking of coming by emailing James (education@columbans.co.uk)

Be part of building an incredible future for our children and our world.

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