CAFOD releases great emergencies resources for schools.

What happens at CAFOD when there is an emergency?
TV and Radio presenter and CAFOD ambassador Dermot O’Leary narrates a new film for young people about emergencies.

Pupils from St Bonaventure's

Pupils from St Bonaventure’s

Starring four students from St Bonaventure’s, Forest Gate, it explores CAFOD’s response when an emergency hits. The film is accompanied by a board game, Flood!, in which players work in groups to protect a community threatened by floods, and a teaching session to further explore the messages behind the film and game.
<<<Watch the film now>>>
The new resource pack is designed to help teachers explore more deeply with young people how we respond to humanitarian emergencies using the funds they raise, and can support learning across the curriculum, in off-timetable days and youth groups, as well as during form times in periods of emergency.
Last November over £337,739 was raised by children and young people in Catholic schools and groups for the Typhoon Haiyan appeal. Students at St Bonaventure’s raised £838.64 through their ‘Tache for cash’ fundraiser where pupils donated money to be able to wear fake moustaches for the day.

Part of the game Flood.

Part of the game Flood.

Martin, Diocesan Manager for A&B Diocese, said: “CAFOD is delighted to launch the exciting new film and game. Using these resources, young people can discover for themselves just how complex emergency response can be and how CAFOD uses the funds they raise to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people. I love boardgames, I’m not ashamed to admit it and we’ve got a great game here. The film is very well made, informative and easy to watch.”

Pupils learning about emergencies by playing our game Flood

Pupils learning about emergencies by playing our game Flood

We hope this new resource pack helps to raise awareness of the complexities of responding to an emergency, but also to show how the support given by schools and parishes in England and Wales not only supports the immediate response, but also goes on helping for years to come.
<<<Download the full pack and find more resources to support work around emergencies >>>

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