Arundel Cathedral buys bee-keeping equipment

Arundel Cathedral's Bee World Gifts Display
Arundel Cathedral’s Bee World Gifts Display

Stephanie Hawkey of Arundel Cathedral has shared with us her experience of helping the Parish collect money over Advent and buy something from the range of CAFOD World Gifts.

‘Every Advent we collect for something special and momentus to help CAFOD and they, on our behalf, send them off to where it’s needed the most. ‘This year we chose Bee Keeping equipment. to include protective clothing, training and so forth, enabling the recipient to learn to look after the Bees, collect the honey and hopefully make an income from it.

‘In previous years Arundel Cathedral have been able to provide Mother and Baby packs educating new Mothers on health, hygene and feeding of their new arrivals, also we have purchased Chickens, Goats and piglets.  We allow CAFOD to forward the gifts to where they are most needed.’

This year they managed to raise over £600 which is a fantastic amount and will be a phenomenal help to people enabling them to look after themselves and their famlies.

Did you know that World Gifts are available all year round? World Gifts are ideal for any for birthdays, confirmations, Mother’s or Father’s day etc. Yes, a goat is not just for Christmas – one can be bought all year round! It can be yours (or more accurately someone else’s) for the bargain price of £28.

Visit our World Gifts site for more information: World Gifts Site and thanks to Stephanie and all those who raise awareness of our World Gifts and raise funds for those in need throughout the world.

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