Volunteer With CAFOD

We need volunteers to help do the work that we do and raise awareness, funds and inspire action and prayer in the Catholic Community.

Would you be able to volunteer with us?

We provide support, resources and training where needed and we aim to make your volunteering a life giving and joyful experience.

There are many ways you can volunteer with us.

In Parishes

We aim to have at least one CAFOD Parish Contact in every Parish in the Diocese though we know it can work best for all concerned when there is a team of people so even if there is a Parish Contact in your Parish already we’re sure they’d be delighted with one or two other people to help out.

Our Parish Contacts are responsible for ensuring that the two Fast Day collections are promoted within the Parish in a way that is suitable for the Parish. In addition to this we love it when our Parish Contacts:

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In Schools (and youth-work settings)

We would like each school in our Diocese to have at least one trained and resourced schools volunteer who can lead assemblies, class-room sessions and workshops in the school. We provide training and support and a fantastic group of other schools volunteers who can support and help you with your first few visits. We are currently needing school volunteers in Epsom, Redhill and Crawley areas. If you are interested then please do get in touch or if you know anyone who might be interested then send them the link to this page. You do not need teaching experience though if you do have some this is also great. A joyful disposition is helpful and a desire to raise awareness, funds and inspire action in schools is essential.

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In your Deanery

Our Parish Contacts are supported by Deanery Coordinators but we don’t have all of our Deaneries covered by a Coordinator. If you live in any of the following Deaneries and would like to offer support to your local Parish Contacts and arrange a meeting once or twice a year then please do get in touch. Cathedral Deanery, Guildford Deanery, Eastbourne Deanery, Brighton Deanery, Woking Deanery and Redhill Deanery. NB/ It may be that Parish Contacts don’t want to meet once or twice a year in yor Deanery in which case we will look into how best to provide support to them together.

By Speaking

CAFOD has many Parish Contacts but not all of them are able to speak at Mass. We are building a small team of people willing to visit other Parishes to speak at Mass. We provide training for this and will call on you when our Parish Contacts request help – normally around Harvest and Lent Fast Day. Good communication skills are helpful.


We are trying to have a greater ‘on-line presence’ and use social media to raise awareness of our work and the needs in the world. Are you good at social media? Would you like to learn? Get in touch and we can discuss how we can do this. This is a simple way of volunteering and may be suitable for those who would like to volunteer in a less structured way or in their own time at their own leisure.

Could you be a Tweeter, a Blogger or any of those sorts of things?

Could you be a Tweeter, a Blogger or any of those sorts of things?

By Organising Events (or helping those who do).

Many of our Parish and school volunteers would like to organise events but don’t have a great deal of experience in doing so. Would you be able to help them? Perhaps you could provide some hints and tips? Perhaps you could work alongside a few volunteers to mentor them in running events. We are looking into providing training on events which might help you or if you have a lot of experience in running such events maybe you might be able to help us deliver the training. It might be helpful if you were able to travel, but not essential. We will cover travel expenses when the travel is part of CAFOD volunteering.

Likewise you may be able to help CAFOD at our events – be they campaigning events, fundraising events, marathons or anything like that. We are often in need of volunteers to run stalls, welcome people, cheer runners on and a variety of other things. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Rosemary Moon and Soux Chef Fr Peter Fitch

Rosemary Moon and Soux Chef Fr Peter Fitch

In Our Diocesan Office

Our office is in St John’s Seminary in Wonersh near Guildford. If you are able to travel to the Seminary and would be willing to help out in the office with tasks such as administration, telephone calls, database, blogs then do let us know. We are most in need of volunteers who have experience in using computers (Word, Excel, Publisher) or databases. It is also helpful if, given a few visits to see if you like it, you are able to commit to regular days or a minimum length of time though this should never be onerous.

By Contacting Your MP

We would like to support people who want to contac their MP on issues related with CAFOD and our work. Our previous campaigns have shown us that highlighting issues to the government and our MPs is a great way of changing the world for the better. If you would be willing to sign up to hear about key issues and contact your MP (normally by letter) around 2-3 times a year then click on this link for more information about becoming an MP Correspondent.

By Doing What You Love

If you have a passion for something and would like to use that passion to transform the world then please do. Musicians can hold concerts, Ceilidh bands can host a dance, poets can hold readings and great cooks can get together and produce a cook book. Good organisers can organise events such as an international food evening and encouragers could help get people interested in events that are happening. What is your interest? I’m sure that together we can find some way of letting what brings you life bring life to others throughout the world.

Hannah Dee singing her heart out to raise awareness of the IF campagin

Hannah Dee singing her heart out to raise awareness of the IF campagin

Whatever you might be interested in we have a great place to start. Click on this link to our Understanding CAFOD Day to read about a great day planned for the 1st of February where you can find out more about volunteering in addition to much much more. Finally if you have read something here which make you think of a friend or relative who would be great at any of these roles then please do highlight it to them. Your suggestion may be all that they need.

As always our contact details are:

Martin Brown & Deirdre McMahon, CAFOD Arundel and Brighton, St John’s Seminary, Wonersh, Surrey. GU50QX

01483 898 866 arundelandbrighton@cafod.org.uk

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