What can we offer our volunteers?

CAFOD needs volunteers and we want our volunteers to have a good experience of volunteering with us.

Volunteering can mean many things to many people but here I’m using it in the sense of the word of anyone who takes on some sort of responsibility for CAFOD and does so out of the generosity of the heart. We have Parish Contacts, Schools volunteers, Deanery Coordinators,  Campaigners and a variety of other fab volunteers.

We believe volunteering should be a fruitful relationship for both parties and we want to ensure we are supporting and inspiring all our volunteers. With this in mind we can offer volunteers various things to ensure that our relationship is fruitful and inspiring for both parties.

Our Parish Contacts are a network of almost a hundred  people in the Diocese and we would like to offer you the following opportunities to learn, be inspired, be trained and resourced. Some are definite dates and some are only ideas at the moment. Do let us know if you would be interested in taking us up on the offer of any of the following (arundelandbrighton@cafod.org.uk)

Training & Support

  • Understanding CAFOD is a day where we learn more about CAFOD – how we work, why we work that way, our finances and all the questions to which you’ve always wanted to know the answers. We have one planned in Amigo Hall for the Saturday 1st of February a short walk from Waterloo train station. Click for more information on the Understanding CAFOD Day. We are also planning to hold one in the Diocese but are confirming times and dates. If you would like us to hold one in your Parish then do let us know.
  • Speaking At Mass Training. Many of our Parish Contacts would love to be able to make the short talk at Mass and we know that when talks are given it increases the donations. Many would just like some training and experience of public speaking. Our Speaking at Mass training runs for half a day and we can take up to 10 people maximum per session. If you would like to join us for one of these sessions then please let us know.
  • Parish Contact Buddying. Especially for new Parish contacts, those facing particular situations with which they would like help or for volunteers trying to do new things and wanting some help, we would like to be able to offer volunteer buddies (or mentors). These would be local people who are probably also Parish Contacts in their Parish but willing to help support newer volunteers. Our Deanery Coordinators often do this but we don’t have Deanery Coordinators in every Deanery. If you would like to be a ‘Buddy’ or would like to have a ‘Buddy’ to help you then please do let us know.
  • Deanery Coordinators. Some of our Deaneries have Deanery Coordinators who would like to help their Parish Contacts. This can be by meeting once or twice a year or advice or practical help on events. Let us know if you’d like to be put in touch with your Deanery Coordinator or if you would like to become the Coordinator in your Deanery then let us know. Currently we don’t have Deanery Coordinators for Cathedral, Brighton, Eastbourne, Guildford, Redhill and Woking.
Parishioners of Sacred Heart Cobham

Parishioners of Sacred Heart Cobham enjoying one of the Parish’s many succesful events


We have an array of different types of resources for you or for your Parish. These include:

  • CAFOD’s annual reviews (for those who want more details about the year)
  • Side By Side magazine (you can order as many copies as you like)
  • Free Wills information (we give people the opportunity to write or adjust a will for free and have leaflets about this)
  • Posters, fliers and leaflets galore including ‘We Are CAFOD’ (basic intro leaflet for those who don’t know us), Working Positively (a leaflet which covers the deep rooted Catholicity in our response to HIV & AIDS). We are also happy to make posters or fliers for any CAFOD events running in your Parish.
  • Our twice-yearly Diocesan newsletter highlighting local events, local volunteers and celebrating our local supporters. (Let us know your plans or successes and we’ll happily include them in the newsletter and on our blog)
  • We also have a selection of CAFOD branded items such as a pull-up stand, some bunting, a sail-flag, badges, stickers etc and also some items sourced from different countries we work in such as Hunger Cloths. If you would like to buy or borrow a hunger cloth then do let us know.
  • We can also offer help in recruiting people to help you out. We know it’s better when people can work as part of a team so if you’d like us to help recruit a few team members then do let us know.



We can also offer visitors for events or speaking at Mass etc. These could be:

  • Fast Day Speakers
  • A speaker from the Diocesan Office who can cover a variety of topics and would be happy to speak at various types of event.
  • A volunteer who has training and expertise in a certain area and could deliver talks at events
  • A speaker from our Head Office. These could be specialists in campaigns, Connect2, volunteering, fundraising or from one of our International Teams.
  • Very occasionally we can offer a speaker from one of the countries we work in. If you are interested in having one of these then do let us know.
Jorgé (left) and Andres (right)

Jorgé (left) from Caritas Quiché and Andres (right) CAFOD’s Head or Programmes

General Help

If there is any thing else we have neglected to mention then we can probably help out there too, just let us know.

So if you’ve made it to the end of this blog, well done. We would just ask you to let us know if you’re interested in any of the help we can provide, particularly if you would like to attend or host any of the events mentioned at the start.

Finally, thank you for volunteering, or at least your interest in what we offer our volunteers. Perhaps you would like to Volunteer With CAFOD?

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