CAFOD in your Parish: What can we offer?

CAFOD is the Official Catholic Agency For Overseas Development. We are part of the Church and we seek to eradicate poverty and we ask the Catholic Community of England and Wales to get involved and help us do this.

We owe a huge thanks to the Catholic Community, not least the thousands of Catholic Parishes throughout England and Wales. I would like to thank especially the Parishes in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. For a flavour of some of the ways the Catholics of this Diocese have supported us please see our review of the year.

Chobham event band for Connect2

We know that is it best to work in a way that is beneficial to both CAFOD (and thus our partners throughout the world) and also the Parishes here who support and get involved in our work. There are a variety of things we can offer which will help your Parish community whilst also helping us eradicate poverty. What are these things?


We seek to inspire Catholics to work towards the eradication of poverty and we have a variety of resources which your Parish would find useful, particularly those people who are responsible for Catechetical or other programmes with-in your Parish. Click on the links to find out more

Confirmation Materials

Youth Group Materials

Children’s Liturgy Materials

Prayer Resources such as  The Call of Creation Pack, The Emmaus Meal, our Advent Service or Global Justice Prayer Stations

We also have various stickers or postcards which are available to order from resources (email These make great ‘thank you’s for people who have been involved in events and also act as a useful reminder of our work.

One supporter wears his thoughts on his head

One supporter wears his thoughts on his head


We are always delighted when people want to run or host events in their Parish. There are a whole variety of events including prayer, social, fundraising and campaigning. We can help with the advertising and organisation of these events and also provide speakers (see below) or resources for them. We are also keen and able to send information about the event to local media such as newspapers and radio stations. If you provide us with enough information we are happy to send a press release out which not only raises awareness of CAFOD and our work but also highlights to the local community the generosity, compassion and life that exists with-in your Church.

We also occasionally like to organise events and mostly these happen in Parishes. If you would like any events to happen in your Parish please do get in touch and we can work towards this. An example of these would be our Memorial Masses. These are times of thanksgiving for all who have supported CAFOD’s work. They can be combined with a ‘normal’ Parish Mass or be separate occasions. If you are interested in your Parish holding a Memorial Mass then please do let us know.

Martin about to call us all to come to London on June the 8th

Martin about to call us all to come to London on June the 8th


We have an array of speakers available for Parishes. Depending on the event they could be trained volunteers or local CAFOD staff (Martin or Deirdre) or possibly someone from one of our teams in Head Office (for example Campaigns or one of our International Teams). Very occasionally we can provide speakers from our partner organisations abroad. If you are interested in hosting a visiting speaker then please do let us know. We are also willing to arrange visitors for youth or confirmation programmes, do let us know if you would like a visit.

Jorgé speaking about the work of Caritas Quiche

Jorgé speaking about the work of Caritas Quiche

We also can offer our supporters access to the Free Wills Network where people can make or adjust their will for free. There is no pressure to leave anything to CAFOD when they make the will. We can run a workshop to highlight what the process of making a will involves (covering some of terms and frequently asked questions etc) or simply provide materials to point people in the right direction. NB For good reasons we aren’t able to advise indivuals on issues to do with their will, but as part of the Free Wills Network we can put people in touch with independent solicitor who will be able to advise you. Click here for more information on our free wills service.

We know some Parishes are going through various changes in England and Wales many of these being mergers of one type or another. We have found that Connect2 can be a great way of bringing a Parish together. If communities within a Parish can be brought together in solidarity with communities overseas then this can be good not only for the community overseas be a great way of helping to unite a Parish here.

If there is anything you think we could provide or if you would like anything mentioned above then do get in touch. We are always wanting to grow and improve how we work with Parishes so if you have any ideas then please do let us know.

01483 898 866

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